Splash & Dash (and more)

I knew it was going to be tough fitting in all of my workouts this week due to a family wedding and related festivities happening this weekend. On Monday, as I do every week, I was looking at my schedule and roughing out a plan of attack that would allow me to complete as much as possible. In an effort to make use of every block of spare time available to me, I decided to attempt my first ever lunch-hour swim yesterday.

Conveniently, there is a pool just around the corner from work and I even had some “free” swims leftover from a 10-pack I purchased last summer when I used to swim before work.

So after a 5am run with the girls, I packed my swim bag to bring to work with me. Then, between the hours of 12 noon and 1PM, I:

  • Left the office;
  • drove to the pool;
  • Changed into swim gear;
  • Swam 1600m;
  • Showered up (more of a rinse);
  • Got dressed;
  • Drove back to work.

I made it just in time. I do have some wiggle room with my lunch hours and it’s not a big deal if I take longer occasionally, but I try not to take advantage.

Back to work with good ol’ goggle face and scraggly pool hair. All in a day’s work!

photo8-225x300But I wasn’t finished just yet!

Tuesday evening I headed to the Newmarket Eagles Time Trial, where I proceeded to crush my previous record on the 15K by about 30 seconds for 23:21, or 38.5 KPH (24 mph).

I hopped off my bike and immediately headed out for a brick run (with some of the other cyclists looking at me like I was nuts). My legs felt surprisingly good and I had a great 5K in about 26 minutes.

And then, finally, I was done for the day.


19 thoughts on “Splash & Dash (and more)

  1. I just don’t know how you do it sometimes Marlene! You make it happen, and it’s so inspiring. I know it was hard to squeeze in lunch time runs for me, and get back in time to freshen up, but to drive, swim, freshen up, then drive back to work in an hour–that is amazing. Good for you for making it work!!

  2. Sweet pic of Miles!
    You are always so good at getting it all in. I can’t imagine swimming during lunch but I bet you felt good after it. I love how I feel after swimming.

  3. Totally how I look every weekday morning when I dash into the office from the gym – nope, I don’t blow dry my hair, never done it, it has always been air-dried.

  4. Awesome job Marlene! Don’t you just love fitting everything in! I always feel so accomplished when I can get in my workouts and have a social life!

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