Muskoka 70.3 Training – Weeks 5 & 6

I’ve had a couple of good training weeks, and lots of “life” stuff going on in between. Hence, the two-week recap…

Monday 8/6 – Holiday Monday off work and a bunch of us met for a fun, leisurely group ride. Love it!

Tuesday 8/7 – Kicked the work week off with the girls for our usual Tuesday 5am run.

Wednesday 8/8 – Steamy run at lunch and swam 2000 metres in the lake after work (no wetsuit).


Thursday 8/9 – Skipped clinic/speed work in favour of a short, rainy run with the hubs – we had a few things to do and I wanted to get ready for my big run in the AM.


Friday 8/1018-mile run-mute to work starting at 4:30AM in pouring rain. I was glad to be done that one!


Saturday 8/11 – REST!


Sunday 8/12Bracebridge Olympic Tri


Week 5 Totals:
Swim 2x for 3584m in 1:14:33
Bike 2x for 82.8 KM (51.4 mi) in 3:00:49
Run 5x for 58.2 KM (36.2 mi) in 5:24:21
Total Time: 9:39:43


Monday 8/13 – REST


Tuesday 8/14Recap: 5am 5K run, quickie lunch-time swim, evening 15K time trial ride followed by 5K brick run


Wednesday 8/15 – Morning bike-mute to work. Planned to bike home but a storm rolled in. Cleared up by the time I got home so I went for a run.

bikemute-225x300 thurs-run-225x300

Thursday 8/16 – Squeezed in another lunch-time swim (using my new 910xt in the pool for the first time!), then ran easy catching up with Kelly that evening instead of the speed work we had on deck with clinic.


Friday 8/17 – 2000m lake swim on a chilly night. The water is getting colder! I kind of wished I had my wetsuit.


Saturday 8/18 – Drove to Muskoka to ride the 70.3 bike course so I would know what I am in for. It’s a tough one, to say the least! Luckily there is plenty of gorgeous scenery. My pit crew (hubs & pup) met me a couple of times along the way and I got 100K done for the day.

musk-300x225 musk2-300x225

Sunday 8/19 – Long run with the group. I expected my legs to be trashed from the big ride, but kept the pace easy and felt pretty great! Happy to have my first 30K in the books for this summer.

Week 6 Totals:
Swim 3x for 5110m in 1:53:41
Bike 3x for 155.1 KM (96.4 mi) in 5:29:10
Run 5x for 57.0 KM (35.4 mi) in 5:25:26
Total Time: 12:48:17

Untitled-278x3003 weeks til race day!


12 thoughts on “Muskoka 70.3 Training – Weeks 5 & 6

  1. I think I am most impressed w/ the fact that you ran 18 to work and then somehow functioned the rest of the day there! I’d be falling asleep at my desk! And I am jealous of your lake swims. After our week in the Adirondacks and swimming in a lake, the pool has been less than inviting!

  2. What computer program do you use to keep track of your work-outs? (I noticed and like your pie charts on this post). I’ve been using daily mile but now that I’m doing more biking and running in addition (my first tri is Sunday!) I’m looking for a more sophisticated program.

  3. Wowie! I love reading your workout recaps because they definitely make me want to get off my butt and do more. I don’t know how you ran 18 miles before work. That is truly amazing!!

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