What’s On My Smartphone

Rather than the usual “What’s in my purse/fridge/gym bag”, Page has challenged us to expose our Smartphones with a little game called Smartphone Creeper.

untitled3I finally got an iPhone this summer, which is shockingly my first Smartphone ever. (Better late than never?)

My measly two pages [and zero folders] is pathetic next to Page’s complex matrix of apps, so don’t get too excited… but here it is.

First, my locked screen – because I love this picture of me and Miles.

photo15-200x300 Next up, Screen 1:

photo21-200x300Most frequently used, in addition to basics (Messages, Camera, Mail, etc.):

  • Instagram & InstaCollage (obsessed!)
  • Draw Free (addicted!)
  • Facebook (love having it at my finger tips. very dangerous!)
  • Twitter (see? I don’t even have Tweet Deck!)

I love My Fitness Pal, however I rarely use the app because it just seems too tedious.  I find it a lot easier to use on the computer.

Behold, Screen 2:


  • “Pages” is for managing my Mission to a(nother) Marathon FB page, although I haven’t actually used it on my phone.
  • Emoticons is fun!
  • Have an account on Pinterest, but have not gotten around to figuring it out.
  • Bomb Panic is infuriating but I can’t stop playing. (Found this in the top 25 free apps list)
  • “Pair” as recommended in Page’s post. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got! I told you it was pathetic. I’m working on it… slowly but surely. I showed you mine, now it’s your turn to show me yours! Share the (un)organized chaos that is your Smartphone!


13 thoughts on “What’s On My Smartphone

  1. We are sisters in smartphone emptiness! I’ve had mine for two years and still only have three (not full) pages. I’m just not a big app user and not a gamer at all, so there it is. Still couldn’t live without it, though!

  2. Guess you need to get some more apps!! I have a lot but I usually only get the free ones. I just got some new fitness apps (after reading Page’s post) so that I can maybe do more workouts at home instead of always relying on classes at the gym.

  3. I’m wondering what Draw Free is. I used Facebook and I have mine and EMily’s blog on my screen so I can go right to them. I use WWF a lot, the weather (how boring) and I have some newspapers I check out. PLus I have those license plate games I seem to be addicted to.

  4. My friend’s daughter was here visiting a couple weeks ago and looked at my iPhone and told me I was the lamest iPhone user she’s ever seen! I had no apps (unless you count FB, which came on it – hah…but I don’t know how to use it on my phone yet – lame, indeed). My daughter just downloaded Shazam, which captures a song playing and will tell you it’s name (I wanted to know a song name from Bodypump class so she told me about this app -it’s very cool) and another friend downloaded Star Walk for me because I love the solar system…but I can’t figure out how to use it in the 10 microseconds I’ve tried. I also have Instagram but again, no clue how to use it. I need to go to iPhone school…wanna join me?? 🙂

  5. Clearly I am even farther behind the curve because My Palm Pre just died and I have a piece of useless HTC now (not for long!) so I am just joining this world of little square fun-ness.

  6. now i *have* to get bomb panic and try it out. there goes my work afternoon…

    i can’t believe you just got an iphone this summer. but i am glad we can play togetheur now!

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