Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 8

Taper(ish) week 1! I actually didn’t cut much during the week (except for missing one swim when I seemed to run out of days…) but reduced quite a bit of volume from my long ride and run. Feeling nervous but excited and pretty much ready for race day to get here already!

Monday 8/27 – rest
Tuesday 8/28 – easy lunch run, evening open water swim
Wednesday 8/29 – lunch time run with 1K tempo intervals
Thursday 8/30 – bike-mute to work and back, brick run after the ride home
Friday 8/31 – 5am cut-back long run (15K) in darkness the entire time! Legs were tired but nice to get it done ahead of the long weekend.
Saturday 9/1 – open water swim followed by an easy ride after picking up my Trek from a pre-race tune-up.
Sunday 9/2 – Brick workout consisting of half race distance on the bike followed by half race distance on the run. Felt strong!

photo-3-300x300Week 8 Totals:
Swim 2x for 3420m in 1:10:16
Bike 4x for 125.4 KM (77.9 mi) in 4:25:55
Run 5x for 53.0 KM (32.9 mi) in 5:01:59
Total Time: 10:38:10

Untitled1T-Minus ONE WEEK!


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