Long Weekend Snapshots

Beach time for an open water swim:


Lots of puppy play time:

miles-and-workouts-053-300x206 summer-stuff-078-300x225

Followed by puppy naps:


A patio lunch date (grilled veggie wrap & sweet potato fries = YUM):


Providing a fully-stocked aid station for my marathon peeps on their long run:

summer-stuff-094-300x225 summer-stuff-096-300x300 summer-stuff-092-300x225

A late morning brick workout including a ride and run of 1/2 race distance – finishing up right in the middle of the day (good race prep):

summer-stuff-099-225x300 summer-stuff-100-225x300

A timely post-workout visitor right at my doorstep:


A fun day being kids again at Canada’s Wonderland (even if 5 hours was all we could handle…):

photo-4-300x300How was your long weekend?


16 thoughts on “Long Weekend Snapshots

  1. Looks like a very busy but fun weekend! Mine not as busy as yours but I did get to watch James Lawrence cross the finish line in Ottawa and capture the Guiness World Record for most Ironman finishes in one year (#21).

  2. Awesome!!!!!

    I hear the ice cream truck drive down my street all the time but I don’t have the courage to stop him since my kids are so “old” now – when really, it’s me who wants the stuff. Ha. He also drives like 50 mph down my street so you actually have to sprint to catch him.

  3. Fantastic – we had a 3-day weekend for Independence day. Spent lots of time running, sweating it out and meals/gatherings/potluck with family and friends. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. did you give business to the ice cream truck? should have hired him for the long run aid station. how sweet would that be if you were the one running!!!

    so, do you reuse those sponges or buy new everytime? how unenvironmental if you are only using them once……. gah. save the planet canada! us americans never waste.

    • Of course I did! It was a total coincidence that he stopped in front of my house, though. It had nothing to do with the fact that I ran screaming down the driveway waving dollar bills.

      Sponges are re-used! They’re washable. 🙂

  5. I love all the photos!

    Great aid station. Question? Do you ditch the sponges after or dishwasher them and reuse? Next training run I think I’ll attempt to do a mini aid station myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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