August 2012

Total Run Distance: 249.9 KM (155.3 mi)


# Runs: 20

Time Spent Running: 23:24:31

Total Cycling Distance:  617.9 KM (383.9 mi)


# Rides: 14

Time Spent Cycling: 22:13:15

Total Swim Distance: 17,844 m


# Swims: 12

Time Spent Swimming: 6:17:31

Races: Kempenfest Bay Swim, Bracebridge Olympic Tri 


Workout of the Month: Milestone ride + brick run (Week 7)


Guilty Pleasure of the Month: Still Big Brother…

Indulgence of the Month: Ice cream truck!


Obsession of the Month: Taking pictures of my dog – I can’t help it! (He thinks he is a person.)


Food and/or Drink of the Month: Pass the iced lemonade, please!


Current Bane of my Existence: The heavy traffic that comes along with back-to-school.

Current Need: A structured swimming routine. Selkies Masters starts in a couple weeks!

Triumph of the Month: Logging my highest monthly volume of cycling (ever) and running (2012).

Current Excitement: Registering for Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 (June 2013) for my pre-IMLP warm-up, which ended up selling out just days later.


Current Goal: See my post tomorrow or Friday for Muskoka 70.3 goals. 🙂

Photo of the Month: This is actually 4 photos – the result of an attempted family portrait. Oh, Miles!


Happy September!


10 thoughts on “August 2012

  1. Another amazing month of tri training. I don’t know how you fit it all in and keep your sanity! Great job. We have been loving iced lemonaid too.

    My husband always treated “his” dog (we have two. One is kinda mine and the other kinda his) like a person. So the dog thinks it’s not a dog.
    Fast forward today, both dogs are elderly. I would have swore that, being raised a farm girl, those dogs were just animals. Pets at best. We are facing some hard decisions about their health or lack of good health. All the sudden those hairy sometimes smelly creatures with the most expressive faces are anything BUT just pets. So I can see why taking pictures is such an obession.

  2. Another huge month. It’s amazing to think that you spent almost a whole day running when you add up all your times.

    And I for one can totally understand your obsession with taking pictures of your pooch. There’s nothing wrong with having more photos of your dog than of your kids is there?

  3. why didn’t you sign up for IMMT – French?

    if you and maurk ever have babies you will need to upgrade your phone for bigger photo storage.

    school traffic: my excuse for being late to work september thru may.

  4. 150+ running miles–whoa! I’m working my way back up to a third of that! Congrats on picking your race for next summer. It’s wonderful to have races to look forward to. 🙂

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