Muskoka 70.3: Pre-Race Reflections + Goals

It’s been nearly 11 months since I signed up for Muskoka 70.3 last year. At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was brand new to triathlon, having completed a “give-it-a-tri” and a sprint, and I was still tootin’ around on my hybrid bike. And yet, I already knew I was in it for the long haul.

Untitled3Fast forward to June when I completed my first half-iron distance triathlon. Welland was a great experience to test out the distance, having limited tri-focused training after running Boston. It went well and it was good to get a taste of running a half marathon after cycling for hours on end. But Welland is flat as a pancake and pales in comparison to what most (all?) 70.3 courses have to offer.


run1I want my Mommy!

To make it just a little bit more challenging, the bike course is actually longer than the standard 70.3 distance.


94 KM = 58.4 mi

So really, shouldn’t it be Muskoka 72.7?

Anyway, here I am once again at the helm of a big race and I find myself looking back on my training. I roughed up a schedule after Welland and  allowed it to collect dust looked at it occasionally as the summer went on. For the most part, I mapped out a plan at the beginning of each week based on what commitments I had (work, social, Miles, family, travel, etc.etc.) in an effort to accomplish some form of organized “training.” In a nut shell, I was winging it. This summer, I planned my training around my life as opposed to planning my life around my training. (Next year, I suspect it will be the other way around…)

I made sure to get the long runs and long rides in… although there were several weeks where I only managed one or the other. As much as possible, I completed a long ride on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday. I also made an effort to put in the brick workouts; I aimed for a short run after most long rides, and added a couple of brick runs after Time Trial efforts on the bike as well.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of confidence in my running right now. I feel slow and I’m pretty nervous about how my legs are going to respond on a tough half marathon course after a tough 94K bike. I’ve done all I can do at this point, so we’ll see what happens out there.


Swim – Stay calm and strong. 40:00
Bike – Ride smart. Shift often. Fuel/hydrate well! Do not attack hills. 3:15 (long course)
Run – Survive the first half (did you see that mountain?). Pace smart. Negative split. 2:00

Obligatory Weather Watch:

Untitled2-300x259That would be great if it sticks. Let’s just hope all of that rain clears out before Sunday.

3 more sleeps!


27 thoughts on “Muskoka 70.3: Pre-Race Reflections + Goals

  1. You are ready for this. Your training has been so great! While I can not imagine what it takes to do this, I know that in the past 11 months you have done every you possibly could to help you reach your goals. I hope that you enjoy the process as you smash each and every one!

  2. That run hill looks long and steady but not steep at all. You’ll be GREAT on it, and it will give you a sweet downhill to cruise on for the second half. Have a fantastic race!!

  3. u r ready! u can do this! u will do awesome.

    marlene, i have never met another person as dedicated as you. u r an amazing athlete and you will kick total ass!

  4. I say you get a petition out to change that to 72.7!!! 🙂

    Those hills will be a piece of cake for strong little you – do not fret. It’s going to be an awesome day this weekend when they hang that medal on your neck and you smile big and bright!!

  5. Good luck this weekend! I can’t wait to read how yours goes. I will be rereading your 70.3 from earlier in the summer for my motivation for my 70.3 on Sunday as well. We have rain in the forecast for the day of the race and I am about to do a rain dance to keep it away. Have fun and ride strong!

  6. Holy hills batgirl! How exciting!!! You got this…you’ve trained….you’ll always wonder “what if I’d done this or that”….

    …but for now, you’re 3 sleeps away from your 70.3 (or whatever the distance ends up truly being). Go own that race! Most of all, have fun 🙂

  7. You are going t have a great race!! Good Luck!
    Ps. I tagged you on my blog for the inspiring blogger award because I love reading you blog.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. That’s a tough course but ya know what? You’ll be great! You know what you need to do. I have full confidence that you will bring it! Good luck and enjoy! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. I saw the post on facebook so I am assuming it went well!! I hope!! Looks like such a tough course girl! That hill in the run looks brutal!

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