Never a Dull Moment

Some of you may recall that I had a little mishap 2 days before my first half iron tri back in June when I fell off my bike on the way to work.

Now what happens?

Sweet and lovable little Miles escaped from his crate today and had a little feast on some of my tri gear that I had laid out in Race Central on the dining room table.


  • Bike shoes – destroyed
  • Aero bottle – destroyed
  • Sunglasses – destroyed
  • Gu/Shot Bloks – consumed

Thankfully not my wetsuit. Looks like I am going on a last minute shopping trip. I just hope I can find a pair of shoes; calling around to the local stores is not looking good so far. Not to mention that I am then going to be riding 3++ hours in a brand new pair of shoes.

Wish me luck!

{Big thank you to my friend Erin who was the lucky one visiting at lunch today and got stuck cleaning up… and breaking the news to me.}

It’s a good thing he’s cute.



36 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Ohhhh the joys of raising a puppy 🙂 GAH! He is just keeping it exciting right?!

    I hope you find your shoes! I also hope Mile’s doesn’t get too bad a tummy ache from all that eating :-/

    You are going to do great, have a fantastic race!

    • His tummy was okay (except for a bit of diarrhea :/) but we realized later on in the evening how much CAFFEINE he must have consumed. He ate like 3 packs of shot bloks and 6 gels! He was buzzing well into the night. Man oh man!!

  2. Ugh that’s one expensive little speed bump. Hope you get everything squared away and have a little time to relax before the race.

  3. Oh NO! Nightmare! This is why children are so much easier – they don’t (really) chew through shoes (and leaving them alone in a crate is frowned upon). I hope he’s okay after the GUs etc!

  4. I read your tweet and commented that I laughed out loud picturing his guilty face…then came here and saw the pic…just as I imagined it. Sorry about your stuff though! Wonder if he got a rush eating the blocks!

  5. Oh no! One time my dog (when she was a puppy) escaped too. She didn’t destroy anything, but she pooped everywhere and jumped in it and smeared it EVERYWHERE!!!

  6. O-oh. It had to happen. You can’t get through puppyhood without something important being destroyed. For us it was some carpet and curtains. Our last dog destroyed soccer boots, library books, a bible and stole countless tasty foodstuffs that had been left on the bench. I hope your shopping trip was successful.

    • We are considering selling the house soon, so despite the last minute fiasco of replacing gear before my race, we were grateful he didn’t destroy anything in the house. Eek!

  7. Ugh! My two beagles were like that–never to be trusted. But my GSP is a saint (except for the Zulu pets, my washcloths and photo albums). I think that when Rosemary was a pup, my old beagle was getting into enough trouble for both of them and Rosie saw (and heard) that it wasn’t a good idea to mess with stuff! At 3.5 yo, I never have to worry about her anymore so know that it will get better! (Unless Miles has some beagle in him, in which case he might be getting into garbage until the day he dies.)

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