I didn’t mean to disappear after publishing my 70.3 race report, but things have been crazy over the last little while.

Hubs and I made a very sudden decision to buy a new house. Over the course of about 10 days, we looked at a bunch of places (and hubs dropped his iPhone in the swimming pool at one of them, but that is a whole different story…), fell in love with one, made an offer, had it inspected, sealed the deal (later learning that we know the couple selling it. Small world!) and put our current home on the market. Muskoka 70.3 weekend fell in the middle of that, which meant there were a lot of late nights and long days scrambling to prepare our house to list on such short notice.

We just went on the market yesterday so now the challenge is maintaining a spotless home 24/7, juggling schedules to keep the dog out of the house and generally just trying to keep our heads above water.

To give you an idea, this is what the inside of the fridge looks like:

photo3-300x300To keep things more interesting, hubs has come down with the flu and Miles has kennel cough! I’m losing my mind this week and it is a small miracle that I have even managed to fit in one short run this week and only two last week.

Have I mentioned that I’m running the Chicago Marathon in 2.5 weeks?? <insert panic>

I’m trying to stay calm (and healthy) and keeping fingers crossed for a quick sale of the house so things can return to normal. Also hoping, of course, that my hubs and pup are both feeling better ASAP.

photo4-300x225So that’s what’s been happening!

Oh, we also celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary (September 10th) in the midst of all of that. Time flies when you’re having fun…


photo11-300x246What’s new with you?


23 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. It is very stressful selling a home. The morning is the worst part, trying to get ready for work and putting everything away after you use it. Making the bed, putting dishes away. Good luck selling.

  2. you guys are craaaaazy.
    but here’s my number….

    that is crazy tho four real. i am always looking at the housing market but i am sooo picky so alas i stay in my current place of residence. i want one of those fancy drive through portico thingies. i don’t remember the real word for it. but those aren’t exactly built on many houses. or (m)any in my price range at least. haha

  3. Happy anniversary and congrats on the new house! Hope everyone feels better soon and things settle down. Why exactly are you trying to have the kind of September I always have? LOL

  4. That sounds totally nuts! Reminds me of when we were living in our house during a major remodel (very bad idea!) and we all got the flu then I got shingles! When it rains…
    You’ll get through it and it’ll make a funny story… one day 😉

  5. So cool about your new house (loved the pics on FB :))….a perfect 7th anniversary present!!!

    Excited to see you in 2.5 weeks. I am NOT, however, excited to run. I’ve barely run – at all – since I twisted my ankle 11 weeks ago. Got the okay from the PT today to run, but um….my longest run has been 10 miles w/o walking. Woohoo!

  6. WOW! Crazy couple of weeks for you! I am sure you will do great in the marathon even though things have been crazy. Just use it as a training run for IMLP?!!!! Congrats on the new house! It looks awesome!

  7. Congrats on the new house. Hope your house sells quick, it’s such a drag having to keep the house so spotless and tidy when you are selling. Did you buy a house with a pool (phone dropping)? That would be awesome. Happy Anniversary as well. Hope everyone feeling better soon.

  8. So…you bought a dog, then a new house, and are training for Iron Man? Sounds liek lots of little duckies getting lined up. My guess is that this time next year, you’ll be announcing that you’re EXPECTING even more chaos! 🙂

  9. Just keep breathing. Soon all this mayhem will be forgotten and you’ll be firmly ensconced in your new house. I just ran into a friend yesterday who was moving house on Monday and on the Friday before her husband got hit by a car when he was out cycling. It always seems that life likes to throw in a few little curve balls when you move houses.

  10. OMG keeping a house in showing condition is the worst! Wishing you a quick, easy sale! Hope everyone is feeling better and things settle down for you soon. Cannot wait to see you in Chi-town!

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