The Simplicity of Running

During recent chaotic times, it has been refreshing to fall back on the the simplicity of running. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from tri training, it’s an appreciation for how quick and easy it is to go for a run. No fancy equipment (even if I always usually bring my iPod and Garmin) required, I don’t have to drive anywhere or pump up my tires. I just have to put on a pair of shoes, get up and go. Pounding the pavement definitely provides an escape from stress and offers sanity on days when I need it lately.

photo-2-225x300Don’t get me wrong – I know many others have much bigger issues than I do right now, but selling a house is a stressful ordeal. We are currently living with my mother-in-law for the most part (have you ever tried to keep a house spotless with a 7 month old puppy?) with my belongings strewn all over our house, her house and even in my car. My bike and gear, for example, are still at our house and I have not gone to the trouble of rallying it all up to go for a ride. Not one ride since Muskoka 70.3! I hope I have the opportunity soon before this beautiful fall weather starts to feel wintry.

Anyway, for now I am enjoying the ease of slipping on my {new} running shoes and taking to the streets. It helps that this is the absolute BEST time of year for running.

photo-300x300What do you appreciate most about running?


18 thoughts on “The Simplicity of Running

  1. I love this post! I haven’t ridden since Steelhead and am getting the itch! So nice to not have gear etc…I even did 2 naked runs sans Garmin. I am running because I love it! Great post Marlene!

  2. We had a dog and 2 cats when we were trying to sell out house…I thought we would go insane…we may have actually and just never recovered.
    I am a total take my stress out with runner person. And this weather is perfect for it!

  3. Selling a house is stressful! I’ve finally stopped moving around every year and pretty much settled for at least another year. But, a move to a new place is definitely on the horizon! I have already said that I am hiring movers this time!

  4. YES, YES, YES! I am so ready to get back to the “simplicity of running” so I absolutely hear you! The other bonus…it can be done anywhere! So if you are on the road, it is much less stressful than having to borrow/rent a bike or find a pool, etc. Good luck with getting the house sold! It is definitely stressful. Also…GOOD LUCK in Chicago this weekend!!!!

  5. YES! That is why I love running! I can run in any city we go to and I just love how easy it is! Hope you guys sell your house FAST!

  6. I love that I can go running anywhere. If I want to exercise when I’m on holidays all I have to do it bring my shoes and a map so I don’t get lost. I also love the stress-relief.

  7. I bet you are crazy nutsoid right now. Good thing running is there with a pair of shoes and a few items of clothing and whalaaa, you feel so much better when you return.

    Can’t wait to see you soon! 🙂

  8. Moving is one of the top stressors in live according to lists I have seen. Don’t downplay it. Living with a MIL no matter how nice must be up there too.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with appreciating the simplicity of running. Now that the heat/humidity is finally subsiding I am rediscovering my love of running. I find every opportunity to slip out for a short run most nights because I feel invigorated enjoying the cool fall air.

    • This is a lot of the reason I held out for so long. Just looking at all the gear people were hauling around was overwhelming!

  10. Thank goodness for running in stressful times! Oh man those new shoes are purdy! Can’t wait to see you Saturday! Flights willing, we’re planning on 3pm at the entrance to the expo. : )

  11. I, too, love the simplicity, not just of not needing fancy gear, but of the activity itself. And fall IS the best time of the year for running. Oh how I love October running!

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