September 2012

The fact that I’ve only published 7 posts since my August recap should tell you what kind of month this has been.

Here are a few highlights:

Total Run Distance: 157.9 KM (98.1 mi)


# Runs: 14

Time Spent Running: not recorded *tracking fail*

Total Cycling Distance: 177.0 KM (110.0 mi)

Bike3-202x300# Rides: 5

Time Spent Cycling: not recorded *tracking fail*

Total Swim Distance: 11930 m

Swim2-199x300# Swims: 7

Time Spent Swimming: not recorded *tracking fail*

Races: Muskoka 70.3


Workout of the Month: The first true speed work I have done in a while – last Thursday I ran 12 (missed one for potty break) 11 x 400 at the track with my clinic peeps. It was fun to go fast!

Guilty Pleasure of the Month: deep fried oreos at a post-Muskoka celebratory pub night with friends


Indulgence of the Month: spa night with the girls, complete with foot soak (don’t mind our lovely runner’s toes)

Obsession of the Month: Fall! It’s finally fall!

Food and/or Drink of the Month: Saturday morning tea is my favourite


Current Bane of my Existence: The P.I.T.A. of selling our house

Current Need: For our house to sell!

Triumph of the Month: Finishing my first official 70.3 under my “A” goal time.


Current Excitement: Chicago Marathon (and hubs’ Birthday) coming up this weekend, and my Birthday (the big 3-0) next weekend!


Current Goal: To have fun running Chicago, a race I have wanted to run since I first saw Spirit of the Marathon in April 2008 – 6 months before my very first marathon!

Photo of the Month: Pups and his favourite toy…


 What’s in store for you in October?


15 thoughts on “September 2012

  1. maurlene fail. i can’t believe you don’t have that data for us! how will i survive octobeur now knowing that you cannot tell me how long you ran/swam/biked for. i will let it slide for septembeur since you had deep fried oureos. mmm oureos.

  2. Good luck in Chicago! I know several people who are running that marathon. I’m going to be running my first marathon that same day (Twin Cities Marathon)… very excited and nervous for it!

      • It went really well. I slowed down the second half, but never felt like I hit “the wall.” The course was beautiful, especially due to the fall colors, and the spectators were amazing. I finished in 4:30:29. I plan to write a race recap in the next few days.

  3. Have so much fun at Chicago! I can’t wait to read all about it. October will hopefully bring a new half marathon PB and then NO MORE TRAINING PLANS! (until January).

  4. Have fun in Chicago!! I’ll actually be volunteering on Sunday at the Mile 18 aid station! I’ll keep an eye out for you. You picked the year the weather is FINALLY going to cooperate 😉

  5. OCOTBER is going to rock! Kind of wish I was going to be in Chicago with you this weekend BUT in fact that would have been a logistic nightmare with all the stuff I have going on!

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