Making the most of a dreary weekend

It rained, rained and rained some more all weekend long.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting my “long” (10 miles just doesn’t feel long but I’d better get used to it because it won’t be going much higher for many months) run done. I had places to be Saturday morning so I set out solo at 6:30 am in cold, windy, rain to get ‘er done. Thankfully I was able to connect with a few of the girls who were starting their run later, and had company for a little while in the middle. The hot shower was calling my name after this one.

After that the hubs, pup and I bundled up and headed to Sunnybrook Park to meet up with my friend Erin and surprise her daughter (GO HAILEY!) who was running the Toronto Women’s 8K. We were able to hop in with her and drive her crazy keep her going for the second half of this soggy race. Congrats, Kiddo! Seeing her smile after the race made me feel warm and fuzzy even in the rotten weather.

untitled4-300x257We didn’t stay dry for too long because even on a rainy day, Miles still needs his exercise or else he drives Mommy and Daddy crazy in the house.

rain-300x300Our very lean, short haired pup gets cold easily (we ordered him a coat but it hasn’t arrived yet) so we tried a make-shift garbage bag rain coat… which lasted about 5 minutes.

Image-300x300After spending entirely too much time outdoors, it was time for some snuggles on the couch.

nap-300x300And comfort food! Butternut squash gnocchi – to die for.

gnocchi-300x300I still hadn’t completed my workouts for the weekend, so Sunday morning kicked off with 95 [boring] minutes on the bike trainer and Magic Mike lined up for entertainment. It wasn’t soooo bad (the ride or the movie).

bike1-300x300Of course the pup needed some more time outside, which was followed by plenty of time on the couch and more comfort food (this time, a roast in the crockpot – unfortunately unpictured).


nap-300x300We were barely grazed here by Hurricane Sandy, but I hope everyone who was hit harder has managed to stay safe and sound. Might be a good day for some couch time and comfort food?


9 thoughts on “Making the most of a dreary weekend

  1. A rainy weekend’s not so bad when you consider gale force winds and tidal surges as an alternative. And you obviously didn’t let the rain slow you down at all.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much more time you have in a Saturday when your long runs aren’t quite so long?! I was just looking at Butternut squash gnocchi recipes, did you make yours from scratch or buy?

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