My newest ailment

Hubs and I always joke that I end up with all of the odd “issues”, while he gets the more typical running injuries. Over the last 6 years, I can probably count on my hands the number of times I have missed a run due to an ailment caused by actual running. Instead, I end up with things like softballs slamming my ankle, separated shoulder from cross-country skiing, infected toenail beds, saddle sores and other fun stuff!

So here is the latest: On Tuesday, out of the blue, my left wrist started hurting. It began as a dull ache, getting worse as the day went on. By the end of the day I could not move it without significant pain and it was an ordeal just to change my clothes and put my hair up. It hurt so much you would think I had fallen and landed on it, but I can’t think of a single thing I might have done to cause it.

I had to forego my planned workouts, icing off and on to relieve the pain. I decided to visit the clinic to have it checked out yesterday, where the doc poked and prodded a bit but did not discover anything of consequence.

doc-300x300He suspects inflammation and sent me home with Naproxen, also suggesting a brace to stabilize the wrist since movement is so uncomfortable. We’re hoping it will feel better within a couple of days.

photo11-300x300I have a physio appointment this afternoon (previously booked for general maintenance/tune-up) so I will have him take a look as well. In the mean time, at least I can run and ride the bike (trainer) with my new fashion accessory.

I guess it really does all go downhill after 30…



15 thoughts on “My newest ailment

  1. Hope that wrist feels better soon! That is so weird that it just started hurting without any real reason. I have had that before kinda, but usually from running and its in my knees.

  2. That’s so strange! I hope you feel better soon. Maybe your physio will have more insight or be able to give you some exercises to speed the healing.

  3. Could it be RSI from dog-patting?

    If you think it’s bad when you hit thirty, just wait till you hit forty and beyond. The eyesight goes and the memory goes. So you can walk into something and the next day when you see a giant bruise you can’t remember how you got it.

  4. How odd! My godmother once ended up with a stress fracture in her foot and she’s not a runner. Never did figure it out. But I guess that wouldn’t be the case for you unless you’ve taken up running on your hands ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope your wrist feels better soon!

  5. Very odd injury but I find the slightest movement can cause problems sometimes. Maybe a bit of carpal tunnel? Anyway, you think 30’s are bad, wait until you hit the top 40’s! Hope it feels better quickly.

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  7. I totally agree on the “downhill after 30”. I was more at the doctor the year after I turned 30, then the 30 years before! But after a year or so, it’s all back to normal again. I hope your wrist is better now.

  8. I hope you firgure out what it is.. I got Carpal tunnel while prego with Easton and it was the WORST.. Having pain in the hands/wrists is not good.

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