October 2012

First, a quick update on the wrist.

untitled photo2-225x300Now to recap October:

Red & Spike got married! Oh wait, that’s not my news…

Total Run Distance: 163.7 KM (101.7 mi)

# Runs: 15

Time Spent Running: not recorded (this will change in November!) 

Total Cycling Distance: 110.4 KM (68.6 mi)

# Rides: 5

Time Spent Cycling: not recorded (this will change in November!) 

Total Swim Distance: 4

# Swims: 6950m

Time Spent Swimming: not recorded (this will change in November!) 

Races: Chicago Marathon!


Workout of the Month: I got back on my bike trainer last weekend for a 90-minute session; it wasn’t my favourite, but I’m most proud of that one.

Guilty Pleasure of the Month: Fifty Shades of Grey

Indulgence of the Month: with a weekend in Chicago, my Birthday and Halloween, there have been too many to name.

Obsession of the Month: Pumpkin! (how’s that for original?) Love it in muffins & oatmeal.


Food and/or Drink of the Month: top pick would have to be Chicago mix popcorn


Current Bane of my Existence: muddy puppy feet! it’s been so wet and mucky out.

Mishap of the Month: sudden, random wrist pain (thankfully resolved – see above)


Current Need: to start packing! Moving day – December 12th

Triumph of the Month: selling our house!


Current Excitement: DENISE WILL BE AN IRONMAN TOMORROW! You go girl!

Current Goal: to start listening to my coach and get back into a training routine

Photo of the Month: Ahh Chicago…


How was October for you? 


11 thoughts on “October 2012

  1. Hmm…hoping to put October (ok, even September) behind me and start afresh. Unfortunately it was 2 months of injury, healed, another injury.

    Anyway, glad October turned out well for you, especially with Chicago and the birthdays.

  2. Your moving day is approaching fast now, happy for you that you sold your house, must be a huge relief for you.

    I’ve read 50 shades of grey during Summer and they are definitely the worst books I have ever read. I didn’t like it at all and ended up skipping complete chapters in the last book. At the moment the book is hot here in Holland and apparently I’m the only one who didn’t like it 🙂 (which is because it was so poorly written en it got bored after a while).

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