Last night was our traditional end-of-clinic party with the running posse to celebrate the end of another training cycle and race season. We are such a tight-knit group and I feel so fortunate to call these people my running friends family.

As always, it is bitter sweet to wrap up this session as we head in to a couple months of downtime before starting back up in January. Of course, the majority of us will continue running together on a regular bases – it’s just what we do.

P1370760The theme of last night’s shindig was “BOYB” – Bring Your Own Bling. We all wore our favourite medal(s) to show them off since they rarely get to see the light of day after the finish line. It was fun to see what people wore – some choosing medals based on the appearance, others for sentimental value or because it represents their favourite/best race.

For me, the decision was easy:

untitled1-300x225Nikki and I had a photo re-enactment:

MEDAL-300x200While flaunting our medals, we enjoyed a delicious feast. This group (like most runners) knows how to eat!

IMG_1622-225x300IMG_1623-300x225It was a great evening of sharing stories and many laughs, chatting about what comes next in our running and “regular” lives.

Small world story: We discovered that the house we bought belongs to someone in the running group! What are the odds?! We didn’t find out until the deal was signed. It was fun to chat with her last night about the upcoming move… into “her” house. 🙂

And now it’s time to start working on my costume for our annual “Santa Runch” next month!

How do you like to celebrate with your running peeps?


8 thoughts on “BYOB

  1. Great Medal! Looks like a fun time, and that’s something about the house! Small world indeed! No celebration with running peeps for me, I usually run solo…just a celebration with the TM 🙂

  2. That’s a cool idea. I’d love to have an excuse to wear a medal. I was going use one to dress the Cookie up as a marathon runner for Halloween, but I was worried she would chew the ribbon of the medal.

  3. When I had running peeps we celebrated in much the same way, and it was nice. I’m hoping to have a running group again someday, when things in my life are a little more settled!

  4. Bring your own bling…I love it! What a great idea for a party (and a great excuse to show off the medals one more time). That’s awesome that you’ve found such a wonderful group of people to run with!

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