Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 1

Until starting formal coaching/training in January, I am using some rough guidelines form my coach through November and December for a phase I am calling “Pre-Base Building.” The goal is approximately 3 hours swimming, 3.5 hours cycling (one long @ 90 mins) and 3.5 hours running (one long @ 90 mins). I’m not following those numbers to a “T” but it’s nice to have some training targets again as I work to get back into a routine.

TPMonday 11/5 – run, swim

Took advantage of lunch hour for a nice little run (6.2K) followed by Selkies masters swim after work (2050m).

Tuesday 11/6 – run, bike

Met the 5am girls for our usual (10K) Fairy Lake plus a special guest visitor Kelly.

I started randomly feeling sick later in the morning and spent most of the day on the couch. Had to scrap the trainer ride.

Sick-300x300Wednesday 11/7 – bike, swim

Made up for Tuesday’s missed trainer ride before (20.4K) before masters swim (2350m).

Thursday 11/8 – run

Met up with Kelly for another 5am run and pushed the pace a bit – I was feeling it and 8K was enough for this day. Thanks Kel. 😉

That night we had our end-of-clinic Bring Your Own Bling celebration.

P1370760-300x225Friday 11/9 – bike, swim

Hopped on the trainer again after work (15K) then headed to the pool for a solo continuous endurance swim of 2450m.

Saturday 11/10 – bike

Tackled my long ride for the week on the trainer with a movie for entertainment. 40K sweat-fest.

Sunday 11/11 – run

Met up with the group for a long run (20K). We were treated to a gorgeous, mild, sunny morning – very rare in November!

Run-300x300 Totals:

Swim 3x for 6850m in 2:32:37
Bike 3x for 75.4K (46.9mi) in 2:51:12
Run 4x for 44.3K (27.5mi) in 4:08:21

Overall Time: 9:32:10



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