Lentil Lovin’

I’ve often said that I am a creature of habit with my meals and tend to eat the same things over and over again. Every once in a while, this starts to get boring so I try to incorporate new foods into my diet.

Believe it or not, lentils are a new-to-me food. I don’t think I had ever eaten them until I found them in this delicious arugula/sweet potato salad from Aroma Cafe a few weeks ago.

salad-300x300I finally decided to pick some up to give them a whirl in my own kitchen. I grabbed a can of prepared lentils as well as a bag of the dried variety, then pulled a couple of recipes for inspiration.

lentils-300x300First up, I made a Lentil Taco Salad on Saturday using this Epicurious recipe as a guide. I only followed the recipe for the actual lentil/taco mix (adding diced red pepper and omitting extra salt since there is plenty between the broth and taco seasoning pouch).

cook-300x300The mixture was delicious, especially once it was heaped on top of a pile of crisp iceberg lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and avocado slices, then topped with salsa, green onion and grated cheddar. Mmm’mmm!

taco-300x300I was pretty pleased with my presentation. But then I realized that it was not going to bode well for consumption, so I dumped it all into a big salad bowl before digging in. Didn’t look as good but it sure tasted good!

bowl-300x300On Sunday I drained the canned lentils and mixed them up with cooked quinoa and chopped vegetables to provide my lunches for the week. For Monday, I added a handful of spinach, a sprinkle of feta cheese and some sun dried tomato dressing. (Loosely based on this recipe.) Delicious! I love the versatility of a “recipe” like this.

quinoa-300x300Lentils are definitely going to be on regular rotation in my diet.

How do you like your lentils?


18 thoughts on “Lentil Lovin’

  1. I just made a big pot of lentil soup last week that had me going for most of the week. I usually make lentils in soup form, but adding greens and making them part of a salad is a great idea. I’ll definitely try this.

  2. I love lentils! I often add lentils to salads. I usually make them sprout (is that the right word?) first so that they have a root of about 2 inches when I use them. Yummy!

  3. YUM YUM YUM. I am a fan of red lentils actually. I make a stew a la Mama Pea with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, red lentils and chickpeas that rocks…and is freezer worthy.

  4. I have never tried Lentals but I think I would like them! Love the new recipes! Its always good to try new stuff. I think thats why I love that we have four distinct seasons so we get four different sets of foods. Summer BBQ, Fall apples, Winter casseroles, Spring salads! (Just to name a few!)

  5. Lentils are off my diet sheet permanently. I’ve found they have some quite unpleasant and anti-social side effects with me. Pity, because the dish I first tried with them in was amazing!

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  7. i always thought lentils were just beans. who knew they were actually their own thing!

    your meals sound & look fancy. yet i am sure if i took the time to actually try to throw it together i could probably handle “all” the effort.

    where is the glopping of sour cream on that salad? would have made the after picture even better.

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