Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 2

Untitled-289x300Another week in the books and I pretty much hit my targets for my “sticky note training plan.” At the beginning of the week, I sketch out a rough plan of what I’d like to accomplish and when. I inevitably end up scratching things out and re-scheduling as the days go on, but it keeps me accountable and I like having a visual reminder of what I need to do.

photo5-225x300Monday 11/12 – swim

I hit the pool with Masters on Monday evening, which is the most crowded night for our group. I ended up going in the fastest lane, which only had 2 swimmers (plus me) compared to 5. My mission for the evening was to get through 10 x 200 without getting lapped by the front swimmer, and I did it (barely)! Good workout.

Tuesday 11/13 – run, bike

Tues-225x300I met up with the “Fairy Lake girls” for a frosty 5am (9.3K) run, then hopped on the trainer for an hour ride after work with Miles keeping me entertained.

photo4-300x225Wednesday 11/14 – run, swim

I squeezed in a short (5.5K) lunch run, then headed back to Masters swim in the evening. We spent the last 15-20 minutes doing one-armed fly which was the craziest and most exhausting workout ever.

Swim-225x300Thursday 11/15 – run

Just another lunch run (8.25K).

Thurs-225x300Friday 11/16 – bike, swim

I hopped on my trainer for 40 minutes after work (hubs arrived home so he could occupy the pup this time) then headed to the pool later in the evening for a continuous endurance swim, where I swam for an hour non-stop for the first time ever (2800m).

Saturday 11/16 – bike

I put in another hour and a half “long” ride on the trainer Saturday morning. It was actually a nice enough day that I could have been riding outside, but I couldn’t be bothered to take my bike off the trainer and swap the wheel only to put it back on after for the following week. Plus, my indoor 2-hour classes are starting in a couple of weeks and I am trying to prepare myself for the suffer-fest. Embrace the pain.

Sunday 11/17 – run

Met up with all of my running peeps for another nice Sunday morning long run. The weather was great for the second week in a row; soaking it up while we can! If only I could stop over-dressing…


Swim 3x for 6450m in 2:40:52
Bike 3x for 83.6K (51.9mi) in 3:10:07
Run 4x for 43.2K (26.8mi) in 4:06:57

Overall Time: 9:57:56



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