Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 3

Untitled2-287x300Monday 11/19 – Rest

Tuesday 11/20Tuesday Triple (Body Pump, Swim, Run)


Wednesday 11/21 – I planned to go to RPM (spin class) in the morning but woke up way too sore from Body Pump to even consider it. Opted for an easy spin on the bike trainer after work instead, then off to Masters swimming.

Thursday 11/22 – Another morning workout scrapped; I was supposed to meet a friend for a 5am run but wasn’t feeling well in the night so I had to bail. Ended up enjoying a sunny, mild lunch-time run instead.


Friday 11/23 – Planned to squeeze in an RPM class after work but didn’t end up having time. (Definitely need to try one of these classes next week!) Went to Masters Swim that evening to make up for missing Monday.

Saturday 11/24 – I scrapped my trainer ride in favour of getting things done around the house. We are quickly running out of weekends before the move.

I did spend a little time outdoors watching Miles experience snow for the first time, and trying out his new coat. Fun!

Snow-300x300That night I celebrated a friend’s Birthday, where we were treated to enjoy “grown-up” cake and “grown-up” goodie bags.


Sunday 11/25 – I had planned to run with the group, but ended up getting hit with a chest cold out of nowhere Saturday night. Spent a whole lot of time doing nothing instead. Miles did his best to make me feel better with kisses and snuggles.


So, the week didn’t quite go according to plan and now I don’t know what to expect this week thanks to this darn cold. I will take it a day at a time and hopefully kick this thing quickly.



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