November 2012

Untitled-290x300Total Run Distance: 115.0 KM (71.5 mi)

# Runs: 12

Time Spent Running: 10:55:36

Total Cycling Distance: 179.3 KM (111.4 mi)

# Rides: 7

Time Spent Cycling: 6:48:35

Total Swim Distance: 20,850m

# Swims: 10

Time Spent Swimming: 8:04:27

# Strength Workouts: 2

Time Spent Strength Training: 2:00:00

Races: None.

Workout of the Month: I was really proud of my endurance swim on 11/16. It was my longest continuous swim to-date and first time swimming for an hour straight. 


Guilty Pleasure of the Month: Fifty Shades Darker 

Indulgence of the Month: This chocolate chip cake we enjoyed at a friend’s Birthday. Worth. Every. Calorie.

cake-300x300Obsession of the Month: Pack all the things!

Food and/or Drink of the Month: My delicious maple roasted butternut squash/brussels sprout/apple salad

Salad-300x300Current Bane of my Existence: living like this:

boxes-225x300Current Need: to get over this nasty cold that knocked me on my butt most of last week

cold-150x150Triumph of the Month: Joining the gym and taking my first (2) Body Bump classes. Feel the burn!

photo6-300x300Current Excitement: Moving to our new home in 9 days. Then I can get excited about Christmas!

collar-225x300Current Goal: Keep the diet in check and stick to a training routine as best as I can with our impending move.

Photo of the Month: foggy sunrise – follow me on Instagram (marleneruns)


Is it really December?!


10 thoughts on “November 2012

  1. What a great month.
    That salad looks amazing. Hubbs took me out for my bday and we had something similiar but I’d love brussel sprouts in it too.
    Did I miss photos of the new place?

  2. let me get this straight. you’re going to move, unpack and decorate for christmas all in the next, 2-2.5 weeks? crazy. it’s all i can do to pull the christmas decor out and put it up. over the weekend i got it down from the attic… but couldn’t quite bring myself to put it up. ha.

    also, you better not lose your christmas card since you did not provide me with your new address!

  3. Yay for moving into your new house! I can understand how you feel with your life all crazy in boxes and what not. We closed on our house at the beginning of Nov and still can’t find half of our house items. I’m apparently very very slow at un-packing! But I’m trying to donate items I don’t need anymore as I pull them out of the box and realize that i wont use. Good luck on the move and all the unpacking!! So exciting!

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