Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 4

Untitled2-288x300Since I was laid up with the “plague” for most of last week, there wasn’t a whole lot of training to speak of. I did manage a couple of workouts, but I spent as much time as possible like this:

Monday 11/26 – Rest

Tuesday 11/27 – I went for a light 30-minute swim at lunch. I hadn’t done anything since Friday, so it felt good to move.

photo-2-150x150Wednesday 11/28 – I took an easy 25-minute run at lunch. Energy/legs were okay, but my chest was not too happy. I knew I needed some more time off running. 😦

Thursday 11/29 – Hit the gym with Kel for Body Pump. I couldn’t do cardio, but enjoyed a good strength workout. I’m in love with this class!

Friday 11/30 – Rest

Saturday 12/1 – First session with my indoor cycling club for the winter season. I didn’t want to miss our first day, plus I was scheduled to meet with my coach after, but I also knew I should and could not handle the entire workout. I cut it in half and it felt great to sweat. I am really excited about this group!

bike1Sunday 12/2 – Rest

Untitled1I’m feeling better this week (though not 100%) and aiming to do the best I can without going overboard, while working on last minute packing and preparations for our move next week. (Eek!) You may not hear from me again until we’ve moved, when I’ll be back with a full update.

Stay healthy!


6 thoughts on “Lake Placid Pre-Base Building Week 4

  1. I hope you are feeling much better by now. I’ve had some illness troubles myself and only feel 100% this week for the first time. It made a dent in my totals for November but I know the rest did wonders for my legs.

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