Tuesday Tidbits

  • I am a bag lady. I’m often at the gym in the morning, going straight to work, then tackling another workout at lunch. And I need a lot of food!


  • Leaving the pool building in January sucks. It usually takes until the time I am curled up in bed wearing furry socks, fleece jammies and a hoodie for me to feel warm.
  • Why did it take me so long to add pickles to my salad? Emz was really on to something.

photo-18-300x3006am Body Pump is a whole different kind of hurt. Why do the weights (and my own body) feel so much heavier in the morning?

  • I attempted to prepare beets for the very first time, but under-roasted them. I’ve been eating them in my salads anyway, but they aren’t so good with the consistency of an under-cooked potato. How do you enjoy eating beets, and how do you prepare them?
  • Diaper rash cream is magical for curing chafe war wounds. I had some extremely sore spots after a long run in pouring rain (ew) on Sunday, but after slathering on the good stuff at night, they were almost completely healed up the next morning.
  • In my next life, I want to be a dog…


  • There is currently a wide open can (no lid, no cover) of curry sauce in the communal fridge at work. Really, who does that??
  • Check out our new gym room:
Holiday-185-300x225 Holiday-184-300x225
  • But today I rode my bike in the living room because that’s where the PVR (DVR) is. Had to catch up on some TV!
That’s it for now!

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. That’s a great tip about the diaper cream! (and ew for the curry…not only will that make everyone’s lunches taste like curry, but it can’t be healthy to eat that if it has been sitting uncovered for long…)

  2. Yeah I’m a bag lady too! I am going to try the pickle salad thing but nothing will convince me to try beets. I am also going to try diaper cream. I never thought of that. Love the gym room and all the medals.

  3. diaper cream does do wonders and helps when you havetorun the next day.

    pickles are good in salads. I like different kinds since sometimes I’d like a little bit off sweetness (gerkins or bread n butter ) or salty (dill).

  4. You might be a bag lady but you’re a way more colour-coordinated bag lady than I’ve ever seen.

    I’m with you on the dog thing. My dogs have a great life and I want to be treated like that when I come back in my next life. And I won’t even chew shoes or tear curtains.

  5. This post is full of ideas!! Love your gym, dog, bags, salad and bling! How many times did you run Boston? Two? Three? You da bomb anyway.

  6. That is gross about the curry. Ew. For beets, I like mine roasted with other root vegetables, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and shallots, toss in a little olive oil and sprinkle on a little rosemary, salt and pepper and roast! Or pickled. I love pickled beets.

  7. I work in IT with mainly software developers and I am by far the person that carries the most bags with me every day. I get stuck in one security door often. 🙂 I always wonder if your pickles (USA pickles) taste the same as ours. Your gym room is super!

  8. I should really get an indoor trainer for my bike- it would be a good way to catch up on TV… and definitely beats taking most of the winter off from biking like I do now haha. Also, that is a LOT of medals!

  9. Beets!! One of my favorites, for real 🙂 I wash them, then throw them straight into a pot to boil until fork tender. Let cool and the skins will EASILY peel off! Add a bit of vinegar and butter or cold in a salad or with cottage cheese….so yummy!

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