Almost (but not quite) a treadmill kind of day

It takes a lot for me to choose the rotating belt over a run outdoors.
On Sunday morning, I braved the 90 kph (56 mph) wind gusts and glare ice underfoot because about 20 of my friends were out there with me. I wasn’t stoked about it, but it wasn’t too terrible either.
Then yesterday, when I was emailing back and forth with some friends trying to decide if we could face the -13K wind chill at 5am, I had almost resigned to the treadmill. Almost. And then one of the girls said, “Well, I will run outside if someone else will…” And before we knew it, 5 of us were committed to meet at the usual time and place. I’d be lying if I said any one of us didn’t question our sanity as we stepped out of our cars this morning, but misery loves company. We made the most of it as we tackled 6 hill repeats in freezing, blustery conditions while almost every house we ran by remained dark. 
There is nothing like the feeling you get after tackling a run like that… at least until you step in the shower and every inch of your body stings! Yeouch! 
What does it take for you to choose the “dreadmill” over the streets?
*Sorry about the spacing… computer not cooperating.*

16 thoughts on “Almost (but not quite) a treadmill kind of day

  1. Gosh you make me feel like such a wimp for running the last three days on the treadmill!! It was 10F feels like -6F tonight so I did 10 miles on the treadmill which was dreadful. I think maybe running outside would have been better. Thursday I have to run outside in the AM cause its the only time I can fit it in and right its predicted to be 1-2 inches of snow and 11F feels like 0F. SO I guess I would run in pretty much anything except wind or ice. But I do tend to wimp out because its just easier to run inside.

  2. It’s kind of funny – the group mentality that makes what everyone else thinks of as a little crazy seem like a good idea. No one wants to be the one who wimps out so everyone goes. And everyone enjoys it even if it’s just because they’ve been so hard core. You’ve got a great running group!

  3. If it is dark and I don’t have a running partner I choose the treadmill. Or temperatures above 100F. Other than that, I run outside – what doesn’t kill me make stronger!

  4. I miss being able to get out in all kinds of conditions. With the move I rarely get to do that any more. There is an odd kind of pride that comes from doing it.

  5. I’m a big wimp! If it’s below 40F then I am on the TM. I hate running in the cold weather. If it’s over 90F in the summer I also head inside. I haven’t run outside since mid-December when we had unseasonably warm weather (50s and 60s) I was so thankful because I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon by the lake on December 16th and I was dreading it because I was afraid it would snow. Thankfully it was a perfect day temperature-wise. Too bad the wind was strong!

    My treadmill has seen a lot of miles…. I guess at least I am getting my money’s worth!!!!!!

  6. When I was marathon training, my coldest outdoor run was at -20C. Any colder and group runs were cancelled. This winter, my coldest run before daylight has been -10C. Not really training has meant I’ve lost motivation to go out in the cold and darkness before work and I just stay inside and do yoga or get some extra sleep. If we get another cold snap, I’ll be getting a gym pass. 😛

  7. I’ve the exact polar opposite problem! Temps are in the region of late 20s/30 – 34 C and the humidity is probably close to 90% (my guess!). But I still won’t get on the treadmill.

    BTW, Marlene, you definitely kicka$$ with going out there in those temps!

  8. Marlene you are braver than I am. We have the same temperatures at night and I don’t run this week. My excuse: been sick and still recovering from that.

    As for your question: when I’m healthy I never choose the treadmill over a run outside. I always run outside because usually the weather here is pretty mild. Temperatures we have now aren’t common and only last short (next Sunday it’s getting above 0C again).

  9. It doesn’t take much for me to choose the tm over the streets. If someone is with me (this time of year), I’ll hit the streets. But, in the cold dark night time, I choose the streets. I have a friend that meets me on Saturdays and we hit the pavement.

  10. I went out with our marathon club this weekend and it was -14C but with windchill it was -20C. Coooooldd!! It was -13C for my next run and if it weren’t for meeting in a group I would hit the TM. -10C is about my limit to lose motivation to run alone in the cold streets; as long as there is not a crazy amount of wind. Kudos for the hill repeats AND wind AND subzero temps! 😀

  11. Have always enjoyed and admired your enthusiasm. Seems like you’re having a tough time these days. Hope things ease up a bit and allow you to get back on track.

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