Run, eat, repeat!

I’ve talked about my running group for years and something that you might have realized about us is that we know how to eat. (Okay, what runners don’t love food?!) Our infamous “runch”es (run + brunch) are such an integral part of our routine that they are incorporated into the training plan at the kick off of each season. We have at least one every month, and our first one of the year took place this past weekend.

Since we recently moved into a bigger house and actually have some space for entertaining large crowds, hubs and I jumped at the opportunity to host for the first time. I wonder what the neighbours were thinking as cars lined the street at 8am and packs of runners congregated in the driveway before setting off in their respective pace groups.

Jan-Feb-218There were about 40 of us who enjoyed several pots of hot coffee and a huge spread of food (potluck-style) after the run; quiche, sausage, scalloped potatoes, fruit, veggies, potato salad, Asian salad, bagels, baked goodies and more.

Jan-Feb-223 Jan-Feb-224Overall, it was a great success and Miles was even on his best behaviour and made plenty of new friends too.

Jan-Feb-086Days like this make all of those cold, blustery winter miles worthwhile.


11 thoughts on “Run, eat, repeat!

  1. This looks like BLISS. I’m usually found talking about food after 15k. Our group is small and we head to Starbucks after a run, but I’m going to propose a RUNCH one day!

  2. We have two running group get togethers a year and I always eat way too much! Its really fun to run and then eat with all the other runners.

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