Snow-filled weekend

Has everyone dug their way out of Snowmageddon 2013?

Unfortunately I was unable to stay home on Friday; it was a bit of a treacherous drive in both directions. The worst part was coming out to find this  in the afternoon – just 5 hours of accumulation:

February-037-225x300And arriving home to find that we were unable to get in the driveway…

February-038-225x300And so the shoveling began! We had some help, kind of:

February-044-225x300We only got through about half of it (it’s a 6 car driveway) before calling it a day. A while later we heard a snow-blower outside and discovered that one of our new neighbours was finishing the job for us. He wrote a thank you note in the snow and I realized that it was a man who lives 2 doors down – I found his 4-month old puppy running down the street a couple of weeks ago and knocked on doors until I found his home. Nothing like a little neighbourly good karma to make you feel warm and fuzzy in a snow storm. Pay it forward…

And then we enjoyed lots of play time in the winter wonderland with Miles throughout the weekend.

February-083-225x300 February-077-225x300As for running, well… I didn’t do any. And I am okay with that right now.


16 thoughts on “Snow-filled weekend

  1. Oh Marlene! I can’t believe the snow! We have a big driveway too and it is exhausting! I love the neighborhood feel. I never get tired of pics of miles and your happy lil family. Hope things are improving.

  2. We got a lot of snow too – Once I was home Friday night I didn’t leave my house (except for run) until this morning. I just had no motivation to go out in the bad conditions and slush.

  3. The south east and north west of the country are swapping weather systems – my run was on pavement tonight for the first time since October!

  4. Yeah, I don’t think running would’ve been great in that crazy storm! Glad you made it out alright though, I can’t believe how much accumulation there was in such a short time!

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