Miles is One!

On Monday we celebrated our puppy love’s first Birthday. It’s hard to believe he was once one of these little piglets!
DSC00263-300x199It’s safe to say that our time with Miles has been, by far, the most challenging and also rewarding of our lives.
I can honestly say that I had no idea what it was going to be like having a dog – I had prepared myself for how much work it would be, but I did not expect the volume of joy that comes from falling in love with our 4-legged constant companion.
Miles makes the good times even better, and makes the more difficult times that much easier. There’s nothing like a snuggle and slobbery puppy kiss to turn a tough day around.
I have loved every minute of watching our puppy grow up and develop even more into his quirky, affectionate and rambunctious personality. There’s never a dull moment with Miles around, that is for sure.
FebStuff-135-300x300We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

23 thoughts on “Miles is One!

  1. Happy Birthday Miles. We’ve all enjoyed watching you grow through your first year. I hope you get a nice present for your birthday. Maybe a squeaky toy that will drive your parents insane.

    • Was that question directed at me or Miles?
      I’m running (barely … Not gonna be pretty) and the hubs and pup will be watching.

  2. Hello-i just stumbled across your blog today and my jaw dropped at the picture of your chewed up race stuff. I think your pup is lucky to make it past that event! 😉

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