Just like riding a bike…

With dry roads and clear skies in the forecast and a three hour ride on my (non-)training schedule for this past weekend, there was no question that I would be taking my two wheels to the road.

The weather looked best for Friday and Saturday, so I decided to take advantage of those days for my long ride and long run, and then I could hide out for a lazy day and some family time on Sunday.

I should take my bike in for a full tune-up before the season is in full swing, but for now I just changed my wheels and tires and added a little grease. Everything seemed to be in good working order, and I was not sad to leave my trainer looking lonely in the corner.

I was able to rally up a friend to join me for at least part of the long ride. It was chilly (just above freezing) in the morning, but the sky was clear and the sun shining bright. I layered up in two pairs of socks (really need toe/shoe covers!), tights, bike shorts, three layers on top (thin race tee, thick fleece and light wind-breaker) plus a neck-warmer, a thin toque under my helmet, and my new Halti soft shell gloves (AM-AZ-ING – didn’t have cold fingers even once). I ended up being perfectly comfortable except for numb toes which lasted the whole 3+ hours. Like I said, REALLY need those shoe covers.

I thought I might be nervous on the road for the first time in several months, but I felt pretty comfortable right off the bat and it was nice to remember why I love to ride. I found my groove and took in the sights as I rode solo for the first 20 miles.

photo-29-300x300I met up with Paula as scheduled and stopped for a quick nutrition pop-tart break before we headed out on a loop in farm country together. We both kept saying just how great it was to be riding outside. Nothing could wipe the grins off our faces.

After another hour or so, we stopped for another quick snack break before parting ways to head back to our respective homes. Before I knew it, I was rolling into the driveway after 3 hours and 10 minutes and still smiling.

photo-28-300x300I had heavy legs heading out for my long run on Saturday, which would be my first mostly-solo long run in quite a while. It was just gorgeous out, though, and I was happy to be running so I enjoyed being out there. My legs ended up waking up after the first half hour and it was a strong run afterall.

This turned out to be the kind of weekend that makes me enjoy training and look forward to the weeks ahead, which is exactly what I needed.

For an added mojo boost, I signed up for a few upcoming races – the Angus Glen Ten Miler and Uxbridge Half Marathon in April, and the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon and Woodstock Sprint Tri in May!

And then it was time for some fun on the trails with hubs and the pooch.

photo-30All in all, a fantastic way to spend the long weekend. How was yours?


15 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike…

  1. i was just thinking of you the other day, but b/c i’m a bad friend i apparently never got around to emailing or fb-ing you. i’m sorry.

    glad your workouts went well. sounds like you have a busy few weekends coming up with races 🙂

  2. I’m still too wussy to get out there and ride. I want it just a touch warmer. Glad you got out. I’m doing the GL Full so maybe I’ll get a chance to see you but not likely since you guys start an hour later. Good luck!

  3. That’s a great weekend of workouts. My Easter was spent working but I stole some time to do a 20k, an 11k and a walk up a mountain with the husband and dogs in tow. If I get my exercise in, it doesn’t hurt so much to have to work.

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