Angus Glen Ten Miler Race Report

Last weekend hubs and I ran the Angus Glen Ten Miler. In our seven years of running, we have never taken the opportunity to check out this local race, although we had only heard good things. I had planned to run 10K ahead of time and use the 10-miler as a “glorified long run” as I like to call it. Unfortunately, I ended up coming down with a wicked chest cold the week of the event and didn’t know if I was going to be able to run at all. I managed three very short runs in the seven days before the race, and coughed my way through them feeling pretty whooped. Sunday morning I was definitely not 100% and still had a good cough going on, but I didn’t feel too rough so I figured I could take it easy and do the distance. I also knew that the route looped around the golf course, so there would be a few opportunities to stop early if needed. Of course, I nixed my plan to run any extra mileage.

Our friends K & E were kind enough to pick up and deliver our race kits the day before. There was some decent swag including a nice jacket.

photo-311-252x300It was drizzling as we arrived at the race site, so thankfully we were welcomed inside the clubhouse to stay warm and dry, and use indoor bathroom facilities (score!).

photo-31-300x225We headed outside, where fortunately it had stopped raining, just minutes before the start. There were wave starts for the 500-ish runners to help prevent crowding on the cart paths, and we started in wave 2. I had urged hubs to start in wave 1 so he wouldn’t have to do as much weaving, but he was content to hang back. I giggled as I watched him run ahead on the grass alongside the masses once we got started. It was really congested at first, but I took advantage of the excuse to go extra slow and just relaxed. After a kilometre or so it started to spread out and I was able to find my own pace. I really didn’t know what to expect given the challenging course and how I was feeling, but I seemed to be settling in just a bit faster than my long run pace and it felt alright.

The course took us up and down short, steep inclines as we wound our way all over the golf course. It was definitely tough, but very peaceful and scenic. I listened to music and plugged away, crawling up most of the hills since my energy level was just not there. Around 6K we ran passed the clubhouse and I had to duck into one of the port-o-potties set up outside. I glanced at my garmin and figure I only lost 40 or 50 seconds, which definitely wasn’t going to make a difference on this day.

MAP-300x283I had a gel around the half way mark and skipped water stations in favour of my handheld – I brought it along in case of a coughing fit, which thankfully did not happen. I was feeling pretty tired almost the entire time. There was no kick in my legs, but I didn’t really feel any better when I slowed down either. So, I trucked along keeping my 5:40ish (/KM) pace and counted down the kilometres. At 11K, we ran by the clubhouse again and suddenly 5K to the finish seemed really long. The sun was trying to come out and it was getting really warm (at least compared to what we are used to these days). I enjoyed the headwind to cool off when we had it.

I had one of those moments of “I CAN NOT RUN ANY FARTHER” a couple of miles from the finish and allowed myself a brief walk break to get it together. It seemed manageable after 30 seconds or so when I started running again. Of course, this last portion of the course ended up being the toughest! Finally, I made my way to the finish – where they announced my name as “Jennifer.” Hmmm…

photo-32-300x300I ended up finishing a little faster than I expected, and my splits were actually pretty steady throughout the race. I was pleased, all things considered.

Chip time: 1:31:00

147/443 overall

17/61 F30-39

photo-34One of the best features of this race is the hot buffet-style lunch served inside the golf course.

photo-33-300x300Good runnin’ and good eatin’ make for a good day.


10 thoughts on “Angus Glen Ten Miler Race Report

  1. Amazing how well you did considering how you were feeling. Congrats! Yeah, I sure wish spring would get here too…sigh.

  2. Well done Jennifer. That’s not too bad considering that you were so sick leading up to it and it was just a training run. In fact, I’m quite envious of your relaxed time.

  3. Love that race, and LOVE that lunch! The goody bag and lockers are nice too 😉
    Good on you for plugging through despite a cold/cough!

  4. Great race- hope you are feeling better now and the cold is gone. I seem to have caught a cold now too – just a sore throat and mild cough but every time I run up hills in the past two days I suck wind real bad! Hopefully it goes away soon!

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