Three Things Thursday

1. We’ve decided to start introducing Miles to the bike so hopefully he will eventually be able to run along beside one of us at a quicker pace. Yesterday evening I took the bike out to accompany hubs and Miles while they ran, so he could start getting used to it. He did really well! I even took off ahead for a while and let him tag along. He was excited but engaged and focused at the same time. Everything is more fun with a pup.


2. Today we had some weird weather. I did double 10K runs (5AM and 6PM) since I won’t have a chance to do a long run this weekend, and it felt like a totally different climate for each run! This morning it was mild and muggy (as well as buggy – seen below *gross*) and this evening it was downright miserable with cold, rain and wind. Note the change in attire. The temperature is on its way down to freezing tonight. Sheesh!

miles-and-more-716-225x300miles-and-more-718-225x3003. This weekend I’m doing a “casual” 100K bike event that I signed up for when I was still planning on doing the Ironman. My cycling has dropped significantly since then and I’ve barely been on the bike at all, so it is definitely going to be a leisurely/recreational ride for me. As if that wasn’t enough, Sunday is my first triathlon of the season (sprint distance). With such a late spring, I haven’t done any open water swimming yet so I decided that some bathtub preparation was required! I think I’m ready now.


Have a great weekend!


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