Furry Friends 5K Race Report

Last Sunday Hubs, Miles and I (plus my friend Shannon) all ran the Furry Friends 5K http://www.furryfriends5k.ca/. You can imagine my excitement when I found out about this race last year; I couldn’t wait until Miles was old enough to join us!

The event took place at the Heydenshore Pavilion on the Whitby waterfront . It was very well organized with some decent swag; we both got shirts and Miles got a bandana! Does it get any cuter?bandana-225x300We picked up our race kits and time chips, used the indoor facilities and took some photo-ops before heading off for a 3K warm-up.

family-before-225x300We got back and lined up at the start with a few minutes to spare. I loved scoping out all of the other dogs who were ready to run. You didn’t have to run with a dog, of course, but a lot of people were. Hubs decided to run on his own to test his fitness (and possibly to see if he could place overall at such a small race…) so we sent him up to the front right before the start.

And they’re off!

start-300x199We immediately had to run off the path onto the grass to get around the crowd, and then we were able to relax a bit. Miles was definitely in over-drive with so much more excitement than a typical run, but he settled in beside me once we got going and responded well to my gentle tugs when we needed to move around someone or make way for someone passing.

KM1 – 4:50

map-300x167The route was out-and-back on the paved waterfront trail and I started watching for hubs as soon as the lead runner ran by; sure enough he was next in line! I was keeping an eye out for females running with dogs ahead of me since our results would be posted in a separate category, and I noticed that we were holding 3rd so far. We soon hit the turn-around and I saw that there were at least two women running with dogs not far behind us. We had to hold our position!

KM2 – 4:56
KM3 – 4:49

I was getting tired from the effort and it’s extra draining running with Miles, especially in a situation like this where I had to be so mindful of where he was as well as others around us. The last couple of kilometres became pretty crowded with big groups walkers taking up the trail in the opposite direction. They usually moved out of the way, but it was tight a few times and also difficult to pass anyone.

KM4 – 4:50

As we made our way toward the finish, we had to make a quick turn to the right for an out-and-back, and then ran through tall grass taking us back towards the path for the finish. This was not easy running! During this stretch, we were running just behind the 2nd place female + dog, and her dog decided to take a detour around a tree! His leash got all tangled up and I definitely heard some cursing as Miles and I ceased the opportunity to cruise by.

KM5 – 4:41

2/71 females with dogs
6/89 overall with dogs

I slightly disappointed since the results got messed up and we were not recognized for 2nd place during awards. It turned out that a female (with dog) had recorded an 18:xx finish time, which we knew was impossible because she would have been ahead of hubs. Our result was initially published as 3rd (out of 72, so I was still pumped!) but then they only handed out awards to 1st and 2nd place. Who does that?! Anyway, the race director got in touch with me a few days later to say the 1st place result had been DQd due to a “timing error” so we reclaimed our rightful spot in 2nd place. Of course, it was too late for the podium. Ah well.

podium-290x300Congrats to hubs on his 19:56 finish for 2nd place overall!



10 thoughts on “Furry Friends 5K Race Report

  1. Too cute! How fun. I want to do a race with Bennie. I KNOW how exhausting it is to run with a dog, but it would be fun! Gotta work him up to the mileage–don’t want him to pull a muscle or something. LOL! Good job, lady! And congrats to the hubs.

    • It is!! Like I said on Sunday, I never would have expected us to be doing races together a couple years back. 🙂

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