Barrie Waterfront Half Marathon Race Report

Last Sunday I ran the Barrie Waterfront Half Marathon along with friends Kayla and Maryanne, and Hubs and Miles came along to cheer us on. It turned out to be a rainy, rainy morning. It rained on the way there, it rained before the start, it rained through the entire race and it continued to rain when we headed home. I don’t mind running in [warm] rain at all, but the part where we stood around waiting for the 20-minute delayed start was not super fun.

Coming back from my brief injury/illness hiatus and having barely run in two weeks, I knew I would just be running the race for distance. We splashed along the puddle-covered waterfront trail to start before hitting some quiet streets for an out-and-back. I quickly realized that the route wasn’t quite as flat as I expected, as we faced a few good climbs.

Untitled-300x206I got caught up in the flow of traffic for the first couple of kilometres and quickly realized it did not feel good, so I eased off to a more comfortable pace where I was working a bit but could sustain it.

First 5K split: 27:14

The first turn-around was at 6.5K, from which we traced our steps back to the starting area. It got a little crowded hitting the waterfront trail again because we were now sharing the course with 10K runners, but no issues. I was feeling alright – definitely not excited about how much farther I had to go, but not dreading it either. It’s amazing how quickly I feel “out of shape” after missing a few runs. I had a Gu at 7K per my usual half marathon routine.

Second 5K split: 27:50

I was looking out for hubs and Miles as we neared the start/finish area and spotted them standing in the pouring rain watching for me. Running in the rain is alright; standing in the rain is not so fun. It was nice to see them! Miles always looks so confused when one of us runs past him in a race. I wish I knew what he was thinking!

18209-471-19432325-199x300At 13K we ran passed the finish area to take the trail in the opposite direction for another out-and-back. Had another Gu at 14. I was pretty tired, but 4K out and 4K back seemed doable. And then the pavement ended! The rest of the course was a mucky, wet combination of loose gravel and sand – and puddles, of course. Ick. I distracted myself with numbers for a while. I would see a KM marker, calculate how far til the turn-around, then how far it would be back to this spot in the opposite direction, and finally how far I would be from finishing at that point. Anything to keep the mind occupied!

Third 5K split: 27:55

18209-471-19433357-199x300I actually wasn’t feeling bad running along at a fairly steady pace; just a bit tired and bored, to be honest. I was disappointed that I couldn’t execute the race as planned (when I signed up, I hoped to use the second half as a tempo run) and it was hard to keep my mind in the right place. But at least I was able to run!

I was absolutely soaked and my legs were caked in mud by this point, but I was glad to be heading back toward the finish. Somehow, just running in that direction makes it feel so much better.

Fourth 5K split: 28:08

18209-471-19437487-199x300Despite my 5K splits getting progressively (slightly) slower, I think I ran a pretty smart race considering the circumstances. I also knew I was going to be diving back into training this week and didn’t want to feel pooped for the first couple of days. I felt good and ready to eat the free pizza at the finish – that’s a sign of taking it on the easy side, I think. 🙂

Chip Time: 1:56:55
Overall: 197/506
Women: 54/248
F30-34: 11/28



8 thoughts on “Barrie Waterfront Half Marathon Race Report

  1. Great result especially when you aren’t feeling great! It was awful standing around in the rain waiting for the start. Nice to see you out on course as well. Congrats and happy training. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I don’t mind running in the rain when it’s warm, but cold rain gets old fast. I ran an entire half in the rain once, and while it was bearable, I was ready for it to be over. Congrats on running a smart race and still in a pretty speedy time!

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