What we’ve been up to!

Hello mid-August! Holy moly, is the summer ever flying by! We’ve had a busy few weeks around here, being away from home the past three weekends in a row. Here’s a peak at what we’ve been up to.

summer-stuff-067-300x225First up was Ironman Lake Placid weekend! Although I decided not to do the race, we still planned a trip to the Adirondacks to cheer on our friends, and so I could show Hubs and Miles a taste of this beautiful part of the country. We canceled our original accommodations near town in favour of a more frugal option, and booked a cute little cabin in nearby Tupper Lake.

And I do mean little:

July-336-225x300We enjoyed the peace and quiet as well as the stunning views that Tupper Lake had to offer, and it was only about 20 miles outside of Lake Placid.

July-341-225x300On Saturday morning we loaded up our backpacks for a hike up Saint Regis Mountain. It was about 3.3 miles each way and very walkable until the last part where it got pretty challenging. This was Miles’ first real hike and he was a champ on the trail. We were all pretty pooped when we got to the top, but the views were stunning.

July-398-300x300Later on we had a chance to visit with all of our friends who were racing, and I finally got to meet long-time friend Denise for the first time! It was so nice to chat with D and her hubby and it felt like we had known each other forever (well, I guess we have). Sadly, we totally failed to take a picture.

Sunday, of course, was race day! We knew it was going to be tough getting into town at the same time as all the athletes, so we decided to go for a run around Tupper Lake first and head to Lake Placid in time to see our friends finish their first bike loop. The rest of the day was non-stop excitement as we kept tabs on our athletes online, and watched them go by as many times as we could (and I once again proved that I am terrible at spotting people on bikes). Later in the day we staked out a good spot on Main Street where we were able to see everyone run by four times during the two loops.

July-408-225x300Miles was really good and enjoyed getting tons of attention all day long. He was pooped (so were we!) by the end of the day. We ended up hanging out on the course for nearly 13 hours.

July-410-225x300It was super exciting to watch the race and see my friends achieve their big goals after following along on their training all of these months. A huge congratulations to Patti, Jayne, Erin, Tracey & Dave! I wondered if it would be bittersweet for me or if I would have any regrets, but I never for a moment doubted the decision that I had made. I was quite content on the sidelines!

Next up we spent a whirlwind long weekend visiting Meghan and her hubby down in Indiana. It felt like the time went by way too fast (especially for the amount of time we spent driving – about 10 hours each way) but we had an amazing time and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do it!

We went shopping (my first time at Trader Joe’s!), goofed off at Target, lounged by the pool, did some walking, had a blind Kraft Dinner (Canadian)/Mac & Cheese (American) taste test and ate a lot of yummy food including Cheesecake Factory, Cracker Barrel (first time) and Chipotle (also first time). We crammed a lot into two days! Thank you so much to M&T for having us!

UntitledAnd finally, last weekend we went camping at Killbear Provincial Park with friends D & S and Little S, which is an annual tradition. We had a relaxing weekend of campfires, swimming, some running and just lounging around.


Being away on the weekends adds a bit of a challenge to training, but I’ve managed to stick to my plan with a few modifications. Each of the past three weeks, I decided to do my long run on Friday morning before leaving, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it while we were away. Before our Indiana weekend, I had to work Friday morning so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for one of my renowned (okay, maybe only in my head) run-mutes. Since moving across town last December, my commute is a couple of miles longer – and this would make it my longest run (so far) this year. Hubs offered to join me for the first 10K and we set out shortly after the absurd hour of 4am. The run was mostly uneventful, except for when a police officer pulled up beside me asking if I had seen a man wearing a black tank top. Hmm, should I be concerned?!

summer-stuff-002-225x300About 3h15m and 21 miles later, I showed up at my office to looks of admiration dismay from my co-workers (really, they should be used to this by now) for a quick rinse in the sink and a beverage buffet to “start” my day. I tried to move around and shake out my legs as much as I could throughout the morning, knowing that I would be sitting in the car for the rest of the day. Ohhh the things we do!

summer-stuff-004-300x288We had a ton of fun on all of our little adventures, but I must say it is nice being home this weekend.

We do have some excitement, however, with A Midsummer Night’s Run 30K race this evening. It’s my 4th time running it, but this year the event has moved to Toronto Island due to construction. The island is rather small and it will be a 2.5 loop course, so this could be interesting. Above all else, I just want to have some fun!



6 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to!

  1. So what country won the taste test? (I mean, the answer is obvious anyway but I thought I’d ask). Glad the “U’s” are having a good summer – I think of you often even though we both slack on the blogging front. I miss youUuuUu!

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