Guelph Lake 2 Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Earlier this summer, training buddies Kelly, Kayla and I talked about doing the Guelph Lake 2 Sprint Triathlon at the end of the season. The weeks went on and I continued to completely neglect cycling and swimming as I worked on my Running Comeback Mission – the triathlon was no longer going to be the best option for me. Thankfully, I managed to convince the girl to enter a relay team instead. And so Team Beat the Buoys was born!

When we arrived at the race site, we were surprised to see 29 teams signed up for the relay division. Upon seeing all of their gear set up, we realized we were in for much more serious competition than we anticipated. Of course, we were just in it for fun and to do the best that we could for ourselves.

We set up all of our stuff, made a quick pit stop, chatted about transition strategies and soon it was time to head down to the water for Kayla’s swim. Relay division starts in the final (6th) wave, so she had lots of time to warm up settle the nerves.

photo-1I stayed to watch the swim while Kelly headed up to transition to wait with her bike for Kayla.

Here she is finishing up the swim!

photo-2I ran along as Kayla made her way up the long grassy climb to transition, then veered off to the side where I could catch Kelly rolling out on her bike.

Swim: 750m – 17:55 (includes long run up to transition)
[Transition 1 – 1:03]

There she goes!

photoI ate the Larabar and I had packed and then Kayla joined me for a little warm-up run while Kelly was out on the bike. After that we decided to hang out in transition for some fun people-watching. We paid attention to how many relay runners were still waiting, and kept our eyes peeled for Kelly. She had a very strong ride on the hilly course and came tearing into transition.

Bike: 30K – 1:03:42
[Transition 2 – 0:47]

BikeWe cheered her on as she made her way back to the relay area, and then I crouched down to grab the timing chip off her ankle and put it on mine as she racked her bike. Time to run!

UntitledI booted it out of transition and onto the course which was an out-and-back entirely within the Conservation Area, mostly on paved roads. It was fairly hilly, and very humid by this point; I was sweating bullets immediately.

RunMy target pace was feeling a little harder than I would have liked, but I plugged along and concentrated and watching out for the relay “R” marking on people’s calves. I passed a couple on the way out, and chased down a few more on the way back. After all the hills, it was great have a fast, downhill finish and I cranked it up as fast as I could (last KM split at 4:25) and it was great to see and hear my teammates on the way in.

finishRun: 7K – 33:08 (pace of 4:44/km = 7:37/mi)

Overall: 1:56:32
13/29 relay division

We were excited to hear the announcer call out our team name: Beat the Buoys! It was a ton of fun and definitely plan to do this again.



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