Wasaga Olympic Triathlon Relay Race Report

I had not one but two races last weekend. First up: the Wasaga Beach Olympic Triathlon with my original relay partner, Erin. Team “Girls on Your Left” is back! Unfortunately, Saturday morning brought miserable weather in Wasaga. It was cool, windy and very rainy. The Try-a-Tri was up first at 8:30 and we were there early to watch Erin’s daughter Hailey complete her first triathlon swim as part of a relay team (way to go, Hailey!).

Clearly, she was enthused about getting in the water.

HWe were all soaked and freezing waiting in the rain and I felt so bad for all the athletes that had to get into the lake and then onto their bikes in these conditions.

photo-11 photo-21We had a bit of time to dry off and warm-up in the car after watching the first race and thankfully, the rain eventually started to let up in time for the Olympic distance start at 10:30. Here we are trying to look enthusiastic about racing when we both wanted to curl up in pajamas under blankets with tea.

TeamInstead, Erin had to suit up and head into the water with the other athletes. We watched the swim from the beach and then made our way up to transition to catch her heading out on the bike.

Swimfinish bike-out

1500m Swim – 32:35
Transition 1 – 1:30

I knew I had at least an hour until I had to run, so I warmed up again and had a bite to eat in the car before shedding a couple of layers, making a pit stop and then heading into transition to wait at our rack. I passed the time cheering on some other athletes and watching the marshals tell people over and over again not to unclip their helmet before racking their bike. Isn’t this one of the first rules of racing triathlon? I couldn’t believe all the infractions in such a short time. I also noticed another relay runner who was about to run with her iPod. Read the rules, people. Before long, Erin showed up right on schedule. I transferred the chip from her ankle to mine as she racked her bike, and took off toward the “Run Out” arch.

40KM Bike – 1:16:12
Transition 2 – 0:39

PuddlesIt was a downhill run out of transition and over a completely water-covered section of road onto Beach Drive. I knew hubs and the others would be waiting there and it was fun to see them as I ran by. I felt like I was running insanely fast and sure enough, I glanced down at my Garmin to see an average pace of 3:57/KM. Whoops! I reeled it in as I ran alongside the beach, then made my way up one of the only hills on the course (it was short). After that there was a long, flat stretch before making our way around a short loop with another small uphill. This was the turn-around point for the first 5K (the course was two loops). Running back toward the finish line, I knew I was having a really good race so far. I felt strong and steady and the kilometres were ticking by faster than goal pace fairly easily. It felt like a tempo effort, and I hoped I could maintain that for the rest of the race.

Splits: 4:43, 4:45, 4:46, 4:39, 4:35

We ran almost all the way to the finish line to make a 180* turn-around before heading back to complete the second loop. It was a great boost to see everyone cheering along this stretch. Erin said I was flying, and I still felt like I was. I was having one of those “social” runs, cheering on other runners going in the opposite direction, thanking every single volunteer and even chatting briefly with a few other runners. I would like to say I always do, but it is definitely not typical in a 5K or 10K race. I was happy to see that my pace and effort were remaining fairly consistent and with a couple of kilometres to go I was pretty certain that I had a kick-ass run in the bag. I had anticipated a 47-48 minute race, but I was heading toward the finish with 45:xx on my watch. I cranked it as much as I could to squeak in under 46:00, but didn’t quite make it.

Splits: 4:37, 4:37, 4:46, 4:34, 4:18

10K Run – 46:08
4:37/KM (7:25/mi)

I was very, very happy with this run. Had I held it back in the 4:30-4:40 pace range, I’m pretty sure I could have continued for another couple KMs.

Final results:
“Girls on Your Left”
10/17 relay

*This year the race implemented a “predicted finish time” start rather than assigning waves based on gender/age groups, and we submitted a time of 2:39:00. Not too shabby!

photo-4-2Stay tuned for part 2 of my double-header race weekend. Spoiler: It didn’t go quite as well….


4 thoughts on “Wasaga Olympic Triathlon Relay Race Report

  1. Thanks for sharing this. You are amazing. I am just fascinated by the split times , all under 5min/km and getting faster towards the end.

  2. Looks like you enjoyed the event tremendously. Great job everyone! The weather/temps looks cold/freezing to me – doubt I’ll be able to “survive” this event.

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