I have a lot of history with this Sunday’s marathon, at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront races.

0708091011It was my very first race back in 2007 when I ran the half with hubs. In 2008 it was my debut marathon, and the following year in 2009 I ran it as my second marathon. I did the half in 2010 for my first sub-1:45, then in 2011 I ran the marathon again which stands as my current PR. (I skipped 2012 since it fell the day after my 30th Birthday – ’nuff said!) Needless to say, I have a lot of positive race memories there. Each time I’ve run the half or full has been a debut or a PR. I’m a little bummed that the streak will be broken this weekend, but I am looking forward to another awesome race experience nonetheless.

The number of participants has almost doubled since we first ran it 6 years ago, and it’s amazing to look back on how much I have grown as a runner during that time as well. I don’t know what time will be displayed on the clock when I finish this year, but I intend to leave my mark on the course again, just as it has repeatedly left its mark on me.

photo-83 more sleeps!

Meanwhile, hubs has been sick in bed since yesterday afternoon and my paranoia is in full effect. Please let me stay healthy for just a couple more days!


16 thoughts on “#STWM

  1. yeah I hear you on breaking the streak. I have a Boilermaker 15k streak going of PRing every time I run it but I know in the future that wont continue to happen. Run a good and smart race girly and that is what matters! Make this year memorable in its own way!

  2. When you hear a cow bell (decently Swiss sized) on Sunday it is meant to push you during your race. Whatever happens fingers are crossed for you. All the best. The pictures tell a long story.

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