Annual Christmas RUNch

Yesterday we enjoyed one of my favourite holiday traditions — my running group’s 5th Annual Santa RUNch!

1454956_10153649900735454_572075177_n-300x300We all get dressed up in festive costumes and go for a run around town jingling all the way. We had a snow storm overnight Saturday so we were in for quite a mess Sunday morning, but that didn’t stop us from a big turn-out and a great time as always.

1496313_10151736930340194_642580729_o-1024x679Quite a change from last year’s very green conditions:

photo-8-Copy-1024x449It was extra fun this year since everyone was out shoveling their driveways and cheering us on as we trudged through the snow. It’s impossible not to smile as cars toot their horn or roll down their windows to shout “Merry Christmas!” when they pass by. How could you not have fun looking like this?

UntitledMany of us did a 10K loop while others continued on for more. I decided it was best to stop since I was a little worried that the slippery footing would aggravate my IT band (which, thankfully, has been cooperating). Besides, it felt like we had run much farther than that anyway!

Once we had all returned and used up our host’s hot water supply, we indulged in a delicious potluck spread including turkey and all the fixins you could imagine.

photo-4-768x1024Finally, we all settled around the tree for a hilarious White Elephant gift exchange.

photo-3-289x300All in all, a fantastic way to spend a snowy Sunday in December!


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