26 days and counting

untitledThe wandering mind of an injured runner…

Watching with envy as my friends tackle their runs, whether slugging it out on the treadmill or trudging through the ice and snow.

Thinking back on all those runs either missed or cut short because I was tired, sore, busy, etc. … vowing to never take a run for granted again!

Remembering times when I felt on top of the world, worrying that I will never feel the endorphin rush of an amazing run once again.

Scratching one race after the other off my calendar and wondering when I will get to toe the line again.

Fantasizing of a day beyond this injury… but consumed by the fear that it (or another) will return.

Driving along my usual running routes and wanting nothing more than to pound the pavement again.

As I mentioned briefly in my last update, sadly I find myself on the injured list again. What the eff! After years of years of barely missing a run here or there due to running injuries or issues, I’ve been handed a big ol’ slice of humble pie over the last few months. This time it seems to be a case of patellorfemoral pain syndrome, aka runner’s knee. We suspect weak/imbalanced quad and hip muscles are to blame in conjunction with all of the uneven surfaces I had been running on. I’ve been off almost 4 weeks now (with the exception of a 10-minute failure of a test run last Monday) and I’m really hoping to be on the other side of this sooner rather than later.

photo-3I’ve been getting as many treatments as possible, icing and doing my rehap/strengthening exercises like it’s my job: weighted straight leg lifts; adductor and abductor side leg lifts; clam leg raises; single- and double-legged bridge. I’ve also been keeping busy, and hopefully fit, by returning to the pool (swimming 2000m 3x per week) and doing as much Body Pump and Spinning as I can. I think I’ve been at the gym more in the last month than all of 2013.

photo-2Needless to say, I am beyond disappointed and frustrated that I pretty much have to kiss my spring racing plans goodbye. At this point, I will just be happy to be running again by then. Doing my best to fix myself up and stay positive in the mean time.

Last two weeks of activity… not bad for no running. Let’s see if I can top it this week.

Untitled2Untitle11dUntil next time… hopefully with better news.


17 thoughts on “26 days and counting

  1. I’m so sorry that you are injured and can’t run. It must be so frustrating for sure. I’m frustrated for you :). I’m glad though, that you are able to do other things. You had a tough year last year and I know you were looking forward to getting back at it. Hoping that comes sooner then later for you. It’s true though, I try never take any run for granted anymore (no matter how much it sucks). Too many things have happened that show how easy it can be taken away. Hang in there.

  2. Oh no!! So sorry to hear you are on the injured list. Hang in there, I’m sure your exercises will pay off and you will be back out there. I know what you mean about looking at runners with envy as you have to sit on the sidelines. I’ve been there before. 😦 The good news is you are focusing on what you can do and doing your best to stay active.

  3. Runners knee is the worst. last time I had it, it was because of hip weakness. Gotta keep those hips strong but its tough to fit in the runs and the XT and all that. Hope you are back on the road soon!

  4. My fingers are crossed that you’ll recover and be back to 100% soon! On the bright side, you are killing it at the gym! At least your injury didn’t force you into a temporary sedentary lifestyle.

  5. Sorry to hear that you’re injured! I’ve had runner’s knee lots of times and it sucks! Definitely keep up with the PT exercises! I also found that Active Release Technique (ART) treatments have helped me heal very quickly when I’ve had bouts of runner’s knee. Good luck! I hope you are able to run again very soon!

  6. Sorry about the injury Marlene! I can sympathize with those same thoughts when I have been out of running due to injury: “I will never take another run for granted again!”. I echo Richelle: in 2010 I missed most of my half marathon training due to bad runner’s knee. ART and cold laser worked wonders for me (along with PT and strength excercises). You will be back to running, I am sure of it!
    Until then, hang in there and kudos for keeping active!

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