Our first CSA experience

This summer hubs and I decided to sign up for our very first CSA with Round the Bend Farm. This is our third week and I have been thrilled so far.

photo2Heading to the farm on Saturday morning (adorable nephew in tow) has become a highlight of our weekends. We walk the grounds, visit the animals, browse the market, often picking up some fresh turkey products as well.

IMG_9035We leave with our basket over-flowing with fresh farm produce – and we have been told there will be more and more to take home as the season progresses!

IMG_9271 IMG_9376 The quantity and selection of vegetables (plus some fruit) has been even better than I hoped. It is honestly a challenge for hubs and I to get through our haul (which is the half-size share) every week. But I am always up for this kind of challenge! 🙂

The best part is being “forced” into creativity in the kitchen. For a long time I have been stuck in a rut of buying the same veggies every week from the grocery store. With the CSA, I get all kinds of selection that I probably would not have picked myself. Bonus that I know it’s all fresh and locally grown. I had never purchased some of these foods myself (radish, swiss chard and rhubarb, for example) or even heard of them in some cases (kohlrabi or rapini). It’s opened up my eyes taste buds to a whole new world of nutritious, tasty foods and different ways of eating them.

Side note: am I the only one who didn’t know lettuce will stay crisp and fresh for a week or more when stored in a container with damp towels? Life-changing.

I’ll leave you with a sampling of just how much I have been enjoying the goods…

IMG_9325 IMG_9302 IMG_9254 IMG_9245 10389987_879504368730292_5303144302917962256_n IMG_9037 IMG_9065 IMG_9081 IMG_9099 IMG_9212IMG_9215

(Although I don’t always mention it, there are green onions/scallions lurking in almost every dish. I have yet to use up the entire bunch in a week despite my efforts.)

I’m so glad we decided to try this out and definitely plan to continue our subscription for years to come.

Have you ever tried a CSA? How was your experience?


5 thoughts on “Our first CSA experience

    • Skills? Psshh! This is easy stuff. A little time-consuming with all the chopping but I’ve got nothing but time right now… at least compared to you. 😉

  1. Looks yummy all those dishes. Kohlrabi one of my favourite veggies….cut really thin, steamed with black pepper…yummy…. Can do it on the BBQ to, wrapped in foil.

  2. I would love to try a CSA, but since my hubby and I work odd hours, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to cook. Plus, we wish we had a bigger kitchen.

    The selection from your CSA looks amazing, and all the meals you’ve prepared with the veggies look so delicious. Yum!

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