Whitby Waterfront 10K Race Report

On Sunday morning we drove to Whitby for the Waterfront Races as the wind blew and snow began to fall. This was a new-to-us race, although the venue was the same as the Furry Friends 5K. It was nice to take advantage of the indoor facilities before and after the race.

Hubs and our friend Marc were running the 5K (and rocked it in 18:52 and 18:54 respectively, finishing 4th and 5th overall), while I was running the 10. Both courses were out-and-back along the waterfront, heading in opposite directions on the mostly flat and winding path. After hiding out as long as possible, we eventually had to face the elements for a short warm-up. It didn’t feel too bad once we got moving, although the snow was blowing in our faces pretty badly in one direction. I was lucky that the 10K would head into the wind first, while the guys would have it for the second half of the 5K.

At 11am (gotta love a race start time that allows for sleeping in!), we were off. Based on my 10K three weeks ago at 53:31 and some recent workout results, I had settled on a 52 minute goal, or 5:12/km pace. Unlike last last 10K, I wanted to go out at pace rather than taking a couple of kilometres to slack off settle in.

We spread out almost immediately so I had plenty of space even on the narrow path. The wind was pretty strong, but the course changed direction frequently enough that it was never in my face for too long at a time. I felt like I was pushing an effort just beyond uncomfortable, which I’ve been practicing on my tempo runs and was exactly where I needed to be. The first few splits came in at 5:10, 5:08, 5:09, 5:07 and I decided to go with it. I got a boost heading toward the turn-around, clocking 5:03.

I started feeling an occasional wave of fatigue and the urge to slow down, worrying that I was going too fast and would suffer by the end, but I was able to push those doubts aside. It felt great to be on the way back and it was time to start counting down the kilometres. The next few splits were 5:04, 5:07, 4:59. Kilometre 9 was tough, being along a slippery board walk and with a heavy side wind. I remembered slowing down so much at this point in my last race and how much it pissed me off seeing that slower split, so that gave me enough oomph to push for a 5:06. Then it was time to find another gear for the last one – 4:47! I felt so strong and focused during that last kilometre, and thrilled to know I was about to crush my goal time.

(officially 50:44 since they recorded gun time only)
5:04/KM (8:09/mi)
2/35 F30-39
4/74 women
19/116 overall


A big thank you to my friend Shannon along with her hubby and pup who came out on a cold and blustery morning to cheer me on. It was great to see them at the finish line!


8 thoughts on “Whitby Waterfront 10K Race Report

  1. Great job beating that 52 min goal you had set for yourself – esp in what sounded like terrible conditions with that wind! I’d agree on the positive that at least you faced it on the way out & not the way back though πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the AG placing too!

  2. Was delighted to be there to see you in! You were such a huge help to me at Scotia it felt like the least I could do. Congrats again on a great race!!!

    • Wow, long time! This is so timely because I just saw your picture with Laurel on Instagram the other day. πŸ™‚ I hope things are good with you!

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