Snowflake Series 5K

Look, another race report! Can you tell I’m making up for lost time? This one is a little overdue, from Sunday, November 30th.

A friend recently told me about the Snowflake Series in Orillia offering “no frills” events November through January at a very reasonable cost ($15) and for a very good cause, too – all proceeds go to a local food bank.

Last Sunday hubs and I decided to do the first race in the series this season, a 5K. We ended up having a bit of a late night with friends on Saturday, and a few glasses of wine consumed on my part. I woke up Sunday morning with a pretty serious case of the “blahs.” I even tried to convince hubs not to go to the race at all! Needless to say, that didn’t work. I was feeling very lazy and not in the mood to race, but I tried to rally up some pep during the drive there and warm-up run.

We didn’t end up with any snowflakes that morning, but no complaints – it was a perfect mild November day with many runners in shorts and t-shirts (crops and long sleeve for me).

This event took “no frills” to a whole new level, with recycled bibs so every runner had a different one. They even had a bin of mis-matched safety pins that had also been recycled. Love it!

IMG_1741Ready or not, someone hollered “3, 2, 1, GO!” while starting the timer on her iPad (most casual race ever), and it was time to race!

The route was a lollipop on quiet, gently rolling streets along the lake. It was open to traffic, but we had a narrow lane separated by pylons and marked with several “Race in progress” signs. We were warned that we may need to yield to cars at intersections, but it wasn’t an issue at all.

UntitledBased on how I was feeling, I decided I was just going to try to hold a 5:00/km pace and hopefully squeak in under 25 minutes. That pace felt hard right out of the gates, and I was beginning to think the race was going to be a complete sh*t show. I was already thinking about how nice it would be to walk. (KM1-5:02, KM2-5:06)

There weren’t a lot of people around, but I ended up running alongside a couple of guys. One of them seemed to have people cheering for him and snapping photos around every corner, so I tried not to look too miserable. He must have been from the neighbourhood. I wondered if it was his first race, but didn’t have the energy to ask.

I finally found some pep in my step after the half way mark. (KM3-4:54) I suddenly realized the race was going to be over before I knew it, and I had some ground to make up if I wanted to finish under 25. (KM4-4:56)

With a kilometre to go, I looked ahead and tried to focus on chasing people down. I was pushing hard – puke threshold hard – but I was finally having some fun and internally shaking my head at having such a bad attitude earlier. I raced to the finish against a woman who had passed me at the beginning of the race and we crossed the line pylons side-by-side. (KM5-4:37)

61/183 overall
27/104 females
7/24 F30-39

There was a small spread of water, coffee and Timbits at the finish line. The organizers really did an awesome job and I definitely plan to participate in at least one more event of the series. Maybe next time there will be some actual snowflakes!

ImageOne more race left this year…


6 thoughts on “Snowflake Series 5K

  1. Great stuff…starting to love the lower key events! Can’t wait to try these out or the MEC races. So far they just haven’t lined up date wise. Nice work out there Miss Sub 25:00!!

  2. Nice job on the sub 25!
    Isn’t it funny how the morning before a non-goal race, sometimes you wake up and the last thing you want to do is go there? Then you realize while running what a silly thought it was to skip it 🙂

  3. I don’t know how long it takes USPS to forward a piece of mail but we have yet to see your baby announcement / christmas card, whichever 😉 haha. Sad!!! Low-key races are the best (like I really need another shirt). Nice job coming in under your 25-min goal!

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