2014 Wrap-Up

Happy New Year!

395689174I am happy to report that the December running streak was a success, finishing up on New Year’s Eve with a shorty run with the pups on a freezing morning. My arbitrary ‘streak minimum’ of 3K just felt like enough that day – though I bumped it up to 3.1 for day 31.

A few people pressured encouraged me to keep the streak going into January and beyond, but I was ready for a rest day on January 1st and did not want to go down that road. As much as I enjoyed the challenge of running every day for a month, I believe in rest days for both body and mind, and I happen to enjoy them.

WeeksI planned to take a couple of days off after the streak, which ended up being forced into a longer rest thanks to round 2 of the head cold from hell. I took the 1st off, then joined some friends for a run on the 2nd only to pack it in early feeling like crap. I took 3 days off after that and I’m hoping for a decent run today to kick off official training for the spring season.

I’m so grateful that I was able to bounce back from the injury that had me down and out, then clawing my way back for so much of the year. It felt great to finish up the year on a positive note, logging some solid mileage and building confidence going into 2015.

year1Next up is one final race report for 2014, the Boxing Day 10 Miler, and then a look at what I have planned for this year.

Stay healthy, friends!


9 thoughts on “2014 Wrap-Up

    • Thank you so much, friend! That’s part of the reason I knew I was ready to end the streak – I worry it would totally take the fun out of things if I “had” to run every day. Hope 2015 is good to you! 😀

  1. I totally wanted to do a streak in December but it just didn’t work out. Maybe in February or march. It is tough with a baby. Like this morning I made it 0.1m before i got a text to come back bc baby had woke up and I needed to feed her. i could have just let my husband take care of it, but most of the time its easier for me to just breastfeed her. oh well. Hopefully I can get out tonight. Even in the cold! Stay warm!

    • Oh my goodness, so many bonus points to you for whatever you are able to do with a little one at home. Makes it so much more complicated but I’m sure you appreciate the miles even more. Stay warm yourself and I hope 2015 is a great year for you & your family.

  2. Yeah so never got your card. It’s weird because we got one the week between Christmas/New Year’s that had been mail-forwarded and the stamp on it was 12/22 (and I know you sent yours well before that). :-/ Oh well.

    Congrats on a successful streak! I agree, no need to keep going 😉 I’ve actually become a New Year’s day running snob (you know, b/c I’m so fit right now running all these miles) – I feel like the people driving by look at you and think “ohh they’re one of THOSE resolutioners…” so dumb, but I do it. So, rest day it is!

    • Dang, sorry about that. I should have asked. I’ll make sure I get the right address for next year. Who knows, maybe it will still turn up…

      That sounds like another good reason for a rest day on January 1.

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