As of this morning, I’ve wrapped up week 3 of my new training plan for the upcoming season!

123As you can see, weekly total is holding steady for now. Since I’m focusing on half marathons this spring and don’t plan to increase beyond 75K, I am not in a hurry to build the overall mileage. This gives me a chance to get used to following a plan again (it’s been a long time!) and for my body to adjust to two workouts every week without the strain of added mileage. This number will start building after our upcoming vacation.

This week required some creativity since I have a spa day and girls night out of town tomorrow, and wanted to get all of my planned runs in before that. This involved a light workout on Tuesday morning (30 second sprints), my primary workout on Wednesday (6K tempo – nailed it), a 10-mile long-ish run this morning before work and a couple of double-days to add some miles so I could cut back on the long run.

407201045Cramming is not something I would typically recommend, but I’m able to get away with it now since I am very comfortable at my current mileage. Sure I could have afforded to skip the long run for one week since my first race is not until March, but when I have a plan I like to follow it as closely as possible. I’ve always found that consistency in weekly mileage is one of the biggest factors that brings results.

And now, I am going to enjoy some much-needed R&R this weekend!


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