Race for Plunkett 10K

Last night I took part in a local event, the Race for Plunkett 10K. I was originally hoping to come close to my Sporting Life time even though this course is not as friendly, since I wouldn’t be racing on post-marathon legs. But then I saw the forecast. We were treated to the hottest evening we’ve had all year – 28C (“feels like” 31) at race time. I had an “A” goal of sub-50:00 in mind, but I could tell during our warm-up that it was going to be pretty brutal for racing. That said, we were there for a good cause with good friends so I was ready to make the most of it and put in a solid effort.


Luckily we cut our warm-up short because we made it back to the start line with just seconds to spare – for some reason they started the race 7 minutes early?!  Nancy, Greta Rhonda and I quickly hopped in line for the 10K, while friends Andy and Kirk hung back for the 5K which was starting (oddly) a couple minutes behind the 10K on the same course.

KM1 – 4:56

Okay, this doesn’t feel so bad. Sub-50 may not be completely out of reach. A few minor rollers here, slightly annoying when trying to run fast. There goes Andy flying past me, looking spry!

KM 2 – 5:03

I’m getting hot already. I hope they have a water station, I need to dump a cup on my head.

KM 3 – 5:14

Oh good, there’s a water table. Crap, both volunteers handed me gatorade… not going to dump that on my head. Took a warm, sticky sip before tossing it. Hit the first turn-around and on my way back to finish the first of two out-and-backs.

KM 4 – 5:13

Forget 50 minutes, this is impossible and I’m way too tired already. Just try not to tank. Trying to smile and wave at friends and other participants heading in the opposite direction.

KM 5 – 5:11

Those slightly annoying rollers are now extremely annoying. People are going to be watching at the half-way mark… try not to look as awful as I feel.


KM 6 – 5:18

Really REALLY wishing I had signed up for the 5K instead. I probably wouldn’t have run any faster, but it would have been over by now.

KM 7 – 5:34

OMG I’m dying this sucks why why why. Greta catches and passes me looking strong. Maybe I will try to keep up. Nope, not happening. Finally made the final turn around and chug back toward the finish.

KM 8 – 5:43

F*ck it, I’m walking. 10 steps.

KM 9 – 5:33

It’s going to be over soon. Feeling really grateful that the course was clearly going to be a bit short.

KM 10 – 5:22 pace (700m) 

Why are these these rollers so much bigger this time?? Found a teeny bit of pep for the final stretch and finally heard everyone cheering. Got some awesome support from hubs, my sisters and good friends at the finish line as I tried not to puke or die.


And, done. Phew!

16/63 overall
7/30 females

So, how was your race?

So, how was your race?



4 thoughts on “Race for Plunkett 10K

  1. Is that Tom Taylor Trail? I didn’t kniw about this race. You did great andvean in line with conditions! Well done, you are having a great year,

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