Barrie Canada Day 10K

Another weekend, another race! I decided to join in the fun and enter the 10K at the Barrie Canada Day Race on… Canada Day!


A late start (9:30) meant we didn’t have to rush out of the house at the crack of dawn, and thankfully it wasn’t going to be another sweltering day. It actually started to rain lightly shortly after we took the photo below (yay fellow racing running friends!) and subsequently poured during our warm-up.


The 10K was made up of two out-and-back routes, sharing the first half with the 5K runners. We took off from the Spirit Catcher near Centennial Park and ran along the waterfront on a variety of surfaces from pavement to boardwalk and a couple of short detours on grass around construction. The course was a bit confusing at times and not very well marked or marshaled. I was able to follow the flow of traffic for the most part, but I did find out after that some runners detoured off the planned route. The good news is, my Garmin was agreeing exactly with the KM markers. Things that make me happy! 🙂


The pace felt hard right off the bat, as it generally does, but more in control as the first few kilometres ticked by. I was so paranoid of having another crash and burn scenario, so I was constantly doing systems checks and analyzing how I felt. Legs were good, breathing was good, so I just had to keep my head in check!

I felt way more relaxed after making the first turn-around and heading back toward the start/finish area. I knew the guys would be there waiting and it was a huge boost to get some big cheers as I ran by (note 4:44 split below!).

4:57, 5:00, 4:59, 4:56, 4:44



The second half took us onto the crushed gravel North Shore Trail, which is one of my favourite places to run although I don’t get there enough. It was still raining off and on with some gusty winds at time, but the temperature felt great – especially after my last two sweat-fest races.

I felt very strong with a few KMs to go and knew I had my sub-50:00 in the bag and might even beat my Sporting Life 10K time from May (48:49). I had been leap-frogging with the young lad behind me in the photo above for most of the race, often lingering just behind him or feeling him just behind my shoulder. He finally blew by me at the second turn-around and I wasn’t able to catch up again, but keeping him in my sights ahead helped me hold on for the final stretch. I also knew I was chasing the 3rd place female but she had too much of a lead.

There were a few quick turns and a slippery bridge to cross to the finish line. I felt like I was flying and had a quick final kilometre to squeak in under that SL10K time. Couldn’t have been happier with how this race went!

4:58, 4:57, 4:55, 4:55, 4:40

14/75 overall
4/34 females





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