Welcome to Mission to a(nother) Marathon.

Hi, I’m Marlene! I’m 29 and live in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.

I first started a blog in 2007 to document my weight loss. I had spent the majority of my adolescent and adult life yo-yo dieting and weighed about 210 lbs at my heaviest in 2006. I was finally ready to make some changes… for good. Without going into too much detail, I turned my life around and got healthy. It was a long process and I faced my fair share of challenges, but I have lost about 70 lbs and the best part was finding a love for running along the way.

I am fortunate to share a very active and fulfilling life with my best friend, coach and husband Mark – known here as “hubs.” We don’t always get to run together, but we do support one another 100% of the time and have shared some pretty amazing moments and experiences. I can’t imagine doing any of this without him and he inspires me every day.

Hubs and I gradually developed a passion for the sport together and it quickly became a way of life as opposed to just exercise. We ran our very first race (a half marathon) together in 2007, finishing hand-in-hand and realizing immediately that there would be many more finish lines in our future. (Check out my Race Reports & Records Page for a detailed summary of my race experiences to-date.)

A year after that first race, I went on to run my first marathon and never looked back. I’ve had my fair share of ups an downs in both training and racing, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that anything is possible. Both hubs and I have since qualified for Boston (on the same day!) and look forward to sharing many more milestones in the future. We are just getting started!

The story got a little more interesting in the summer of 2011 when I finally succumbed to peer pressure realized I was catching the triathlon bug and started dabbling in multi-sport. In a two month period I went from maaaaaybe wanting to try one to completing a duathlon and two triathlons. And then I was really hooked! 

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of adding swimming and cycling to the mix and look forward to seeing where this takes me. It certainly brings its challenges in terms of combining triathlon training with marathoning, but as always, I’m up for the challenge.

I hope you`ll join me and follow along on my journey to whatever finish line comes next…

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to contact me any time.

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