Last Run for May

I normally take Mondays off, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to run tonight* so I headed out yesterday evening after work. With a case of the Monday blahs, I wasn’t really feeling up to it so I decided to visit a new (to me) trail for a nice change of scenery. It was peaceful and refreshing, just what I needed to knock out a nice 10K run. (and I wasn’t dragging my feet like I have been lately!)

I tried to snap a post-run pic a la Tonia – it’s harder than you would think to get the right angle! This was take 12.

That wraps up May’s mileage at 118 (190 KM). Definitely on the low side, but that’s to be expected with marathon taper and recovery. And that 118 miles includes one sweet marathon so it was definitely a great month!

Bring on June!

*This evening I’m volunteering with some girlfriends at Olga’s Boys Night Out – an all-male race with all-female volunteers! It should be a fun time and the perfect opportunity to debut my cheetah skirt.


32 thoughts on “Last Run for May

  1. ooooo lala, that sounds like my kind of volunteering!great job on the milage! i know you said its on the low side but thats still lots of miles behind you!bring on June! i think its gonna be a good one!

  2. Good idea to take a new route…I like the pic..the hand held looks nice, I'm needing to buy another one…I was lazy and mold invaded the tube..yuk! You did have a great May!!

  3. Geez…we were on the same page yesterday. The bikes paths near us were just paved so the hubs and I went out there last night and had a great but schweaty run. Have fun at the boys' run.

  4. Great shot! They do take a couple tries to get right…for flattering for me.Great month! No awesome month, a marathon and big miles!The race sounds fun! Oh to see the day when I can race and volunteer! Kids do eventually grow up right? (J/K) πŸ˜‰

  5. Love the pic! I bet it is hard to take a picture from that angle! have fun at the men's only race! Sounds like a pretty fun time!

  6. Ah, so fun! I want to come to your Boy's Night out…I love watching men run, especially my husband! Have fun, take pic of your cute skirt!

  7. That's pretty good mileage still. I was wondering how you followed up a month of 200 miles. I'm at around 130 last month. No sweat, it's a long year.Hey, on the side i wonder if you're interested in helping me out get the word to running bloggers. As u probably know, my day job is editor of and my colleagues in the Life section are developing a marathon summer training program/coverage/series. We're trying to get in contact with run bloggers across the country to share favourite runs, etc.. If you're interested you can email me (kyum at

  8. oh snap. sign me up for that volunteering! you need to bring a whip haha. way to squeeze in one last run for may! hope you worked out those monday blahs. never fun.

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